NFL Week 1


Kansas City At New England -9, 48.5

Sunday early

New York Jets @ Buffalo -8, 39.5
Atlanta @ Bears +7, 49.5
Philadelphia @ Washington +1, 48
Arizona @ Detroit +1.5, 48
Oakland @ Titans +2, 51.5
Tampa Bay at Miami +2.5, 41.5
Baltimore @ Cincinnati -3, 42.5
Pittsburgh @ Cleveland + 8.5, 42.5
Sunday late
Indianapolis @ LA Rams -3.5, 41.5
Seattle @ Green Bay -3, 50.5
Carolina @ San Francisco +5.5, 48

New York Giants @ Dallas -4, 48

New Orleans @ Minnesota -3.5, 48
Los Angeles Chargers @ Denver -3.5, 43.5

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The NFL is moving the Tampa Bay v. Miami game to Week 11, so they won’t be playing this weekend. Make sure you’re not starting any Bucs or Dolphins in your fantasy leagues.

Did they both have a bye that week, or do some other games have to be rescheduled?


They both had a bye. Miami is already losing a home game to London so a neutral site game wasn’t really an option

Here we go.

Gronk is just unfair, even with perfect coverage it doesn’t matter.

So it’s a no on the undefeated season?

Hmm? No, the Chiefs are still on track for it.

Fun game. Any game that ends in a Patriot loss can be fun, but seeing the new toys out on the field was interesting. Kareem Hunt looks great. Brandin Cooks had a couple nice catches. Some interesting formations and playcalls, especially by the mustachioed walrus.

Too many penalties by the Chiefs and it is very sad to see Eric Berry, who is really fun to watch, get carted off and maybe done for the year.

But NFL football is back, so that’s something.

Always so torn in a game like that. Happy to see the Patriots lose but not happy to see a division rival win a game. I guess I was rooting for the tie.

So what is going on with DPI this year? I saw at least 4 cases of a DB hanging onto a receiver’s arm while he was trying to make the catch that weren’t called. On both sides.

I don’t know how much of a conclusion you can draw from one game.

If the trend persists throughout the weekend, your question can be considered legitimate. Otherwise, it’s just that officiating squad this week.

Officiating has been pretty bad for the last <pick a number> years, but the really infuriating part of the bad officiating is the inconsistency – they were bad at being consistently bad. So I’m reserving judgment until I see more.

AFAIK, there’s been no news (announced or leaked) that the league was softening up on pass interference. If there’d been a decision to “let 'em play”, you’d think it would have gotten out somehow.

Sooo glad I have Kareem Hunt on my fantasy team. And Yahoo Sports criticized me for drafting him as my #2 RB.

And yes, seeing the Patriots collapse and seeing Tom Brady look human was refreshing. It makes me wonder if they used up all their stuff in the Super Bowl comeback.

The Pats offense was fine; especially with the WR injuries. It was the defense that let them down.

This morning, radio stations were still playing a Hooters commercial for free wings for a year if the Patriots go 19-0.

The Pats commonly struggle a little in their first 3 or 4 games, until all the new guys get on the same page. The last 3 times they lost Game 1, they won the Super Bowl anyway.

Well, I think we found out how to stop Tom Brady: Have me draft him to my fantasy team.

The ONE time I drafted Brady was the year he blew out his knee, done for the year. I have refused to draft him ever since then.

Last night was a fun game to watch, if you love offense. Kansas City’s defense came out to play in the second half, and you could see a definite difference between the offenses because of it. Granted, it would be hard to chase Hunt all over the freaking field for so long if you hadn’t played a full game in six months.

The Patriots will be fine, because they still have the Brady/Belichek combo. KC LOOKS like they might have taken a step forward from last year, but how much of that was due to the slaughterhouse of injuries the Patriots suffered is yet to be seen.

Early in the game, the Pats scored what seemed to be a touchdown, only to have it called back on offensive holding. To my surprise, when they replayed the down, the Pats played it from the 2-yard line again, rather than the 12, like they should have. Al Michaels announced that there had been an offsetting penalty committed by the Chiefs, but it was never announced, NBC never clarified what it what, and no replay was ever shown. Any idea what this mysterious Chiefs penalty was? And why the officiating staff felt it was unnecessary to announce it?

Brady was mediocre. He had one good drive (the initial possession) and was “meh” the rest of the game. 44% completion, 267 yards, no touchdowns. Passer rating at an even 70.

The offense got stopped three times on very short yardage. And Brady was sacked 3 times.

Those aren’t awful numbers but they’re not very good. Not considering how strong they usually are at home. I think the only bright spot for the Pats was Gillislee; if he stays good he’ll be a great red zone weapon.