NFL Week 12

Right after Hue was fired he said he would have rather drafted Wentz, Watson or Mahomes. So, yeah, Baker probably took that a little personally. Hey, whatever gets him motivated.

ETA: I know they were different drafts, but the implication is that he never had a decent QB (including this year).

Well, if that’s the case then Mayfield’s rejection of Hue’s embrace after the Bengals game and his subsequent post game comments makes sense.

Hard to believe that Hue would publicly say that. That’s pretty unprofessional honestly.

I guess Hue sorta gets the last laugh since he’s drawing two paychecks from both the Browns and the Bengals.

I’d heard no other team had any interest (I’m surprised even a single team wanted to pick up that contract).

Hue Jackson throwing everybody under the bus a couple days after being fired:

That does it, I’m totally rooting for the Browns without Jackson. I’d love to see them succeed without him, so he can no longer have an excuse after having coached the two worst years for any team in the NFL.

Unrelated NFL question (not worth starting a separate thread for):

I’ve been watching some 1990s NFL footage for old-time’s sake and noticed that I cannot recall a single instance of seeing QBs like Aikman, Young, Favre, etc. taking a snap from the shotgun position. Always were lined directly behind center. Was that just a quirk of that era? (I know Marino and Kelly did shotgun quite frequently)

I did some research and was shocked to find that Howard “Red” Hickey invented the shotgun offensive formation while coaching the San Francisco 49ers way back in 1960! I think it took a long time to gain prominence because the running game had far more influence in the NFL than it does now. People like Payton used to run out of the I-formation with a fullback in front of him. Now, with the passing game reigning supreme, the fullback has basically disappeared and the shotgun rules.

The Cowboys used it fairly regularly in the 1970s, with Roger Staubach quarterbacking, but even then, as I remember it, they only used it on obvious passing downs, and they were one of the few teams (if not the only team) using it with any regularity at that time. It became so closely associated with the Cowboys, and Landry, during those years, that a lot of people believed that Landry had come up with the formation.

It came into more use in the 1980s and 1990s, but some teams / coaches still didn’t like to use it – it does probably have a greater risk of a bad snap than compared to taking the snap from under center, and I remember hearing coaches in that era argue that they didn’t want the QB to take his eyes off the defense for the fraction of a second that he needed to focus on catching the snap. So, I think that it’s not so much “it was used in the '80s, but not in the '90s”, so much as which teams you’re seeing play in those old games.

But, by the 2000s, as you note, the passing game became prevalent, and the role of the fullback began to vanish. Plus, most college QBs are now playing out of the spread / shotgun full-time, and I’ve read that there have been some QBs entering the NFL who had never taken a snap directly from center before.

As previously discussed, it wasn’t unheard of and most teams in the 80s and 90s would go to the shotgun during come-from-behind/hurry-up situations.

The Run and Shoot, Pistol and Red Gun offenses all made heavy use of it back in the day. You might remember seeing Barry Sanders running a bunch of draw plays off it.

I can’t fucking stand the over-exposure and the hype machine of NFL anymore. Jesus, it’s 8 PM and you’re still doing pregame crap and not actually showing the game? Fuck you I’m going to bed.

“Oh but we wanna accommodate our viewers on the West Coast!”

Yeah viewers on the West Coast who can’t keep a football team in a city for more than 10 years. Like anyone there is giving up their surf board, skateboard, or dime bag to set aside time to watch NFL. It’s the fans East of the Mississippi who keep the NFL and other major sports leagues alive.

p.s. Fuck you West Coast. I just bent over and blew a fart your way.

Cowboys up 13-0, hope the lead holds.

Dude (and this is coming from someone that inserts feet into mouth with regularity)…what in the holy fuck is wrong with you lately? In the college FB thread you were posting obvious nonsense about Notre Dame, and now this post…? You seem to have developed a heightened sense of negativity lately. Or something.

It’s interesting, and not the outcome (so far) that many people, myself included, anticipated. I heard on Golic and Wingo this morning the stat that Dallas is the lone team left that defensively has not allowed a 30 point game. The first thought that hit my brain was “Well, that’s changing tonight!”. And it’s not. So it’s refreshing to see, even though as a Bengals fan, I have no dog in this fight other than a good football game. But Brees has been amazing so far this season, and he’s 39 FFS!

I created an omnibus NFL thread we can use for the remainder of the regular season:

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