NFL Week 8

I keep forgetting to get these up before the Thursday games, sorry.

Ravens 40, Dolphins 0

Sunday 9:30 eastern (London)
Vikings “@” Browns

Sunday early

Sunday late



Not only do I have to wake up at fucking 6am for that shit show, but there was a gas leak in the Browns’ hotel in London so they got dragged out of bed at 5am, which is just what you need when you’re about to play a jet lagged football game. Being a Browns fan is like having a disease that makes you feel like shit that you nevertheless choose to keep for some reason.

Cleveland is keeping this one close, though I’d be a little salty about that DPI call in the endzone. That ball was about 10 yards over everyone’s head.

At least the Eagles are truly beating up on a winless team this time instead of playing to their level.

This Bears team is making a game of this.

Saints finally end it. Should have put it away twice before, but Ingram fumbled both times.

Went to the Bengals v Colts game with my sons, one of whom is a Colts fan. Glad he left disappointed, but a cool Colts fan sitting behind him gave him a Colts tote bag, which was a really nice thing to do, especially since it was his first NFL game.

His team (6th grade) is going to their Superbowl next Saturday, the game will be played at the local high school’s kickass field, they’re 9-1, and they’re playing the only team that beat them this season. Revenge is in the air!

Well, Hue Jackson has given up on the Browns’ hopes of winning a game. Says Hue:

“I think everything has got to be perfect for us to have a chance to win a football game. That’s just where we are as a football team. We get it, and our coaching staff gets it, and our players get it, and we work that way. We try to do the best we can to get everything right, but we all know that’s not how football is played. You can’t be perfect. It’s still a game.”

He’s a little bit off. The Browns not only need to be perfect, they also need their opponent to be having an off day. They are just so bad in every aspect of the game. I’m sick of hearing how they passed on Wentz and Watson and Trubiskey and on and on. Pick one, they would suck in this offense. Not a single one of their skill position players would start for another NFL team.

Sorry. Was getting into the car and didn’t realize that I’d posted. Surgeons are trying to save Zach Miller’s leg after that horrible injury.

I wish they had shown Martavis Bryant’s face during JuJu’s 97-yard touchdown run. Just to see the moment when he realized his Steelers career was tanking.

This sucks. Miller’s been a great asset when he’s been on the field but he’s been hit every year with weird injuries. To add insult to injury, the refs took back his TD because he didn’t fully complete the process or some other BS while making the catch. Total BS call.

Ball in his hands? Check.
Did he get control of it? Check.
Did he have both feet in the end zone? Check.
Did he still control it when his feet went down? Check.

They took away the catch because the ball came loose after the TD was made, which isn’t a rule and is total BS. Not that it wasn’t enough that you’re probably out for the season, may never play again, and may lose your leg. We’ll take away your score for something we’ll make up.

The only comfort is that the Bears still wouldn’t have won, but come on, it’s still an embarrassment for the officials.

I have no dog in this fight. I didn’t see the game and just watched the replay of the catch. And to my eye, the ball is clearly moving as it hits the ground. I would have called that a non-catch 100% of the time.

I hope he is able to recover and resume his career - sounds like a really nasty injury. Best of luck to him!

Which would be fine if that were the only requirements for a TD catch in the NFL. :rolleyes:

The rule now is that you have to control the ball all the way to the ground, or it was never a catch, breaking the plane notwithstanding.

I saw no significant movement in that catch and other analysts agreed with me (including Blandino). Chicago was flat-out robbed.

49ers trade 2nd Rounder for Jimmy Garapolo. Wow. Assuming they can sign him to a long term deal, I’m OK with it. (Also assuming he plays as well as they expect. )

Well, the Broncos look absolutely terrible. Time to blow up the entire offense?

So, now that they’ve traded away 2 backups this season, who do they have to back up their 40 year old starter?