NFL Week 8

The 49ers cut Hoyer, so perhaps a return? Of course, I’m sure that one particular out of work QB will be all over the online comments sections and sports talk radio.
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I’m surprised it only took a 2nd round pick to get Garapolo. Can’t believe the Browns weren’t willing to give that up before the season started. Probably was just a matter of timing for the Pats. Might as well keep him until the trade deadline in case you need him to backup Brady. And yeah, they’ll almost certainly be bringing Hoyer back.

Seems like their offense blows enough

The Dolphins traded Jay Ajayi to the Eagles for a fourth-round pick. What the flying fuck? Why would you give away your [del]only good[/del] best offensive player for almost nothing?

Ajayi really hasn’t been doing anything this year - seems like a bit of a flash in a pan - but a fourth rounder does seem a bit low. Or at least he sounds like the sort of player who could easily have conditionals that escalate it to a 3rd or 2nd.

The Patriots must’ve known they couldn’t re-sign Garoppolo, so probably seen as a win from their perspective to get a 2nd round pick instead of nothing, but it sure is crazy risky if Brady misses any time at all this season. I don’t understand why the 49’ers would give up the pick unless they also know that they CAN sign Garoppolo since the current season is already in the toilet, but even so, my money is that Garoppolo is the next Matt Cassel/Matt Flynn: a couple good spot starts, scores a big contract, then everyone realizes he should’ve stayed a back-up.

Is it just me or has the trade deadline been getting a lot more exciting the last few seasons? It used to be a whole bunch of buildup eventually leading to “2nd string OT traded for 6th rounder.” Now we’re actually seeing starters move.

Also, it’s Tuesday, so Elliot is suspended again.

Because you’re tanking. Is he in his FA year? Tannehill will be back next year, Cutler won’t, they’ll bounce right back.

It’ll be one of the first picks in the 2nd round, and at a much lower wage scale than a first rounder.

Brian Hoyer. Apparently he wasn’t part of the trade because of a compensation pick, however that works.

The trade also means the Pats are going to ride Brady into the sunset rather than bring along a replacement, or perhaps just that Jimmy G just isn’t that good anyway. There’s also speculation that Belichick will retire along with Brady, leaving McDaniel to deal with the rebuild. But we’ll see.

No, he’s not a free agent next year (and as far as I know he hasn’t threatened to hold out or anything).

Multiple 200-yard rushing games is a pretty good flash. I can’t remember anyone doing that since Ricky Williams. And he’s seeing 8-man fronts on most plays because Jay Cutler. But let’s suppose he’s just a somewhat above average NFL running back. He’s only three years in and he’s signed through next season under a fifth-round contract. Even if you’re just being cheap, what are the odds that you get a better player in the fourth round who comes at a better price?

They *could *have used the franchise tag on him for a couple of years, but that’s a lotta bucks out of the cap for a backup player.

Indeed, it would have been a TON of money for a backup, but for the sake of discussion it would have been super interesting to see how that played out since its kind of against the spirit of the franchise tag rule to use it on someone who is a back up.

In addition to Garoppolo and Ajayi, Kelvin Benjamin got traded to the Bills for a 3rd and 7th. Crazy deadline!

And apparently the Browns had a deal worked out with the Bengals to trade a 2nd and 3rd for AJ McCarron, but “didn’t get the deal reported to the NFL league office in time.” Though my friend pointed out the call probably went like this:

“Hi, NFL? Browns here. We’d like to shoot ourselves in the foot.”
“Sigh, what is it this time?”
“We’re going to trade 2nd and 3rd round picks to the Bengals for AJ McCarron!”
“No, that’s too stupid.”
“But we already made a deal with the Bengals!”
“No, it’s too late.”
“But it’s only 3:50 PM! The trade deadline is 4!”
“I said it’s too late! Don’t call here again.”

I saw one report that the Browns were celebrating getting the deal done and because of that, let the trade deadline slip away. Then they appealed, and the NFL said “sorry about your luck”.

Damn, my Bengals could have used those picks to draft offensive linemen, which they desperately need.

The Browns discover a way to dodge a bullet AND shot themselves in the foot. A 2nd and 3rd for McCarron? The only way that works is if we were trying to make Belichick look like a chump for only getting a second for Garoppolo.

Apparently hell does in fact have a basement.

A year and a half ago, the Broncos offer Brock Osweiler a 3 year, 45 mil contract to be their starter. He turns it down and goes to Houston for a 4 year, 72 mil contract to be their starter. After a year, he gets trading to the Browns along with a second round pick. The Browns cut him, essentially paying Houston for their pick. The Broncos then sign him for the vet minimum.

Today, Denver has named Brock the new starting QB.

If this was a TV show, I would be complaining that the writing has gotten too outlandish.