NFL Week 9

Deshaun Watson tore his ACL in a non-contact drill in practice, such a shame. He was having a brilliant year.

Colts place Andrew Luck on IR, no surprise there.

We’ve got Bills v Jets tonight, should be a good division game.

Seahawks fan here who was of course rooting for the Hawks and cursing out Watson every time he did something that looked impossible (especially for a rookie), but at the same time admiring him. I also watched him win the championship with Clemson. A great player, really fun to watch, and I sincerely think that the NFL suffers not having him in it the rest of the season. He’s the kind of player that will get people to watch more games. I hope he recovers properly and is ready to go next year.

Week 8:

Week 9:
Zeke will play Sunday.

Too bad for Watson. I didn’t realize, or maybe forgot, that he had torn his other ACL at Clemson. So at least he knows the recovery process and there is hope he can return to normal.

Ertz and Fournette, both ruled out pregame, were started in my league today. Oops.

I could use some more action from my Jacksonville DST. I’ve come to expect 25-30 points a week from these guys.

Jesus, the normally cool and calm AJ Green gets ejected on a throwaway play at the end of the half along with Jags DB Ramsey. I must admit, AJ Green’s takedowns were pretty damn impressive. Without helmets and gear, Ramsey gets his ass kicked. What a big loss for the Bengals though. And of course, our number 1 pick Ross is inactive for no good reason.

‘Helmets are undefeated.’
They played it briefly on Redzone but that was the most action I’ve seen since…well, last night’s incredible UFC maincard.

CBS Channel 2 in Chicago just cut away from Eagles/Broncos to Ravens/Titans. Nothing is better than watching the Baltimore Ravens lose.

I bet he secretly fights crime in the offseason.

Yeah…against teammates…

Boy, the Redskins suck.

At least they are not the Giants.

They just managed to score a TD. Perhaps my indignation was premature…

They did the same thing in KC, and Denver is a division game.

Saints continuing to look very good. Best Saints defense, I think, in the Payton/Brees era. Not that that’s saying a lot, but considering they won a Super Bowl, won their division twice, and made the playoffs a few more times with not-so-great defenses, a good defense could make them pretty special.

Seahawks doing everything they can to lose this game.

8-1 = Bragging rights!! #EaglesPuttingOnAClinic

Number one NFL record, conference record, home record, points scored, TDS, point differential…

And Jay Jay Ajayi, you are franchised, brother!

And … they pull it off :smack:

That last bomb that the Redskins made before their last touchdown seemed nearly impossible to defend. It was crazy good.

Blair Walsh was 0/3 on field goals. In a game where you lose by 3 that’s pretty bad.

Walsh: 12 of 16, long 49, 17 PATs of 18

Hauschka: 16 of 18, long 56, 18 PATs of 18

Seattle probably should not have let him shuffle off to where ever.