NFL Week 12

Oh man, I forgot about this thread entirely this week. Anyone else can feel free to make these threads.

CHI 23 DET 16
WAS 23 DAL 31
ATL 17 NO 31

Sunday early

Sunday late



Baker Mayfield was asked this week if Hue Jackson knowing all the Browns plays will help the Bengals beat them this week, and he sort of laughed and said “no… just no”

I’m not sure the team was confident of Hue Jackson’s abilities.

David Njoku crowd surfs for a TD

I don’t follow the NFL that closely but I happen to be watching the Eagles/Giants game (terrible by the way…the penalties are dragging this game to a halt) and one of the announcers sad that Hue Jackson is set to take over for Marvin Lewis.


This is why the Bangels will always suck…I know they were good in the 1980s but that was a generation and a half ago.

That was awesome.

For the first time ever since the rivalry began in 1933, the Eagles are now tied with the Giants in the series. They’re 86-86-2 against the Giants all time…mainly due to having beaten New York in 18 out of the last 22 meetings.

The Browns were like a different team top to bottom. Even the kicker hit every PAT right down the middle.
That Njoku TD was crazy, looked like the defender had him up for a sidewalk slam and somehow he managed to push into the end zone.

The Bengals…man, I almost feel bad for them. Vontez Burfict had a really stupid holding penalty very late in the game and he was starting to get frustrated and getting involved in some smack talking with Browns players. At that point in the game, Marvin Lewis has to know to get him off the field. He’ll hurt you way more than help you.

And the Hue Jackson hire looks really bad after getting drubbed by the one team where he should have provided an advantage.

I don’t know what to say about the Bengals. Fire Marvin I guess? And replace him with someone NOT named Hue?

…aaaaaaand Andy Dalton is done for the year from the thumb injury. So now we get to see the emergence of the Jeff Driskel era!

The Bengals need a complete re-organization from the top down. For my money, it’s time to get new owners. And that’s a mouthful when one considers what it means. :eek:

As of now, the Browns have played 8 games against what would be playoff teams. Pittsburgh x2, Baltimore x2, New Orleans, San Diego, Houston, Kansas City.

Considering they could’ve easily won 2-4 more games (most of them by just making one of several missed kicks) that’s actually really impressive.

In retrospect, it seems like losing those super close games were necessary to get rid of Hue and Haley (if they started the season 4-2 they’re not getting fired) but it feels like the Browns should be in the playoff hunt this year.

Woops, haven’t played Houston or 2nd Baltimore yet, so that’s the whole season schedule, not the schedule so far.

Come December 1, the Browns will not have been mathematically eliminated from playoff contention. I believe the Colts are holding the 6th spot right now at 6-5. The Browns of course are 4-6-1. Crazier things have happened in the NFL.

ETA: No, the Ravens hold the 6th spot for now at 6-5. The Colts are on the outside.

I hope the Colts make it. What a remarkable turnaround. Plus they’re my youngest son’s favorite team (we live in SE Indiana outside of Cincinnati) so we get a decent mix of fans of both teams. And Stealers fans. Always those. They’re everywhere.

Also, props to the Browns for playing remarkably better under Williams. But Mayfield needs to quit with the social media feuding. He’s shown a pretty immature and unprofessional attitude regarding his former coach. Take the high road, Baker.

I cut him some slack because he’s a rookie. Hopefully he’ll learn. But come on, his QB coach came from the Bengals; he even mentioned that point in the postgame press conference as a reason for having “extra motivation” to beat Cincinnati. So if a Browns coach is fired and joins the Bengals, that’s a betrayal, but if it’s the other way around it’s fine and fuels the rivalry?

Hopefully it dawns on him (and/or someone gets it through to him) how stupid and petty those kinds of comments make him appear. A good QB should be a leader and it’s hard to inspire your team if you look like an idiot. Again, I hope he can mature and learn.

I don’t understand why Mayfield cares where Hue goes. He got FIRED from a job, and found another. The end.

Because Mayfield takes it personally that Jackson treated him like some sort of incapable nothing at the start of the season, which could have had a serious impact on his entire career?

The team in Washington, DC claimed Reuben Foster off waivers, apparently without contacting the police regarding his most recent arrest.

Did Hue really do that though? I honestly have no idea.

Oy vey. For a minute I thought Mike Brown would dip his toe into the redemption pool yet again given the Bengals historically bad LB play this season. Glad old Danny boy got him instead.