NFL Week 6


Sunday early:

Sunday late:



In thoughts not specifically related to week 6: Fuck the Indianapolis Colts. They luck into getting Manning, go onto a decade of wild success, have one single bad year that then puts them into position to draft Manning’s replacement. Fuck all those housewives in Luck jerseys sitting in their little dome.

I only wish the Browns would finally have that catastrophically horrible year to get a chance to do something like that. The Browns are always like 3-11 going into the last few weeks and then rip off a bunch of meaningless wins at the end of the year that get them the 7th pick in the draft so they’re never quite in position to draft a top QB prospect. So they keep going with half ass solutions - try to find scraps in the third round, draft the 3rd or 5th best QB prospect late in the first, sign washed up free agents…

With the exception of 4 in a row at the end of 2009 (which felt like progress at the time - woops), I always hate those meaningless little wins at the end of the season. I know I get berated about that and say true fans never want their teams to lose, blah blah, but if it’s in the long term interest of the team - and translates into more wins down the road when wins mean something - then yeah, fuck them getting meaningless feel good wins at the end of a shitty year that serve no purpose. It doesn’t build momentum going into next year, it doesn’t bring the team together, it just fucks up draft position.

And now this year because they made the desperation move of grabbing Weeden instead of just waiting till next year to draft a real top prospect (2012 was going to be a wasted year either way) they may even feel like they have to pass up the opportunity next year. I still don’t think they’re going to get the #1 overall pick (they’re not as bad as the record indicates, very young team that’ll start coming together second half) they’ll probably have a shot at drafting one of the top QB prospects, but now they probably won’t because no one wants to admit giving up on a first round draft pick from the previous year.

It’s not like I can look back fondly and say “yeah I sure am glad we were 6-10 that year instead of 4-12, I mean, sure, we missed out on Suh/Calvin Johnson/AJ Green/various QB prospects, but you always have to root for your team to win no matter what, and they won those games!” or some bullshit. I’m tired of mostly failing, but never failing completely in a way that allows a clean break and recovery.

Saints have a bye this week, which will hopefully give Jimmy Graham time to get over his ankle injury.

Looks like the Steelers are heavily favored for tonight - always makes me nervous. I won’t get to see it unless I decide to go down to the bar and watch. Even though I am between contracts and have no where to be tomorrow, I’m not sure I’ll go out (I guess I’m officially old.)

Any given Sunday, er…Thursday and all, but Tennessee is just terrible. One of the worst team in the league. They give up points like Eric Cartman’s mom gives up the nappy dugout.

My Bengals are coming off a close loss to the Dolphins at home, but the Dolphins have a great defense and show some semblance of being a team by keeping their games close, even when they lose.

If I were a Steelers fan and they lost to the Titans I would be freaking out. That said, it ain’t gonna happen because I hate the Steelers and I want it to.

I don’t know that this would be the year to do that anyway. Geno Smith and Matt Barkley aren’t exactly Luck and RGIII. It would be the Brown’s luck to get first pick in a draft year with no truly great QB prospects though.

This is a big week for us Texans fans. Other than Denver we haven’t faced a champion caliber opponent. With Cushing out and the team not used to picking up his absence yet I’m afraid Rogers is going to have success throwing short across the middle. We’ll have to count on Watt tearing up that weak Packers o-line, though Rogers can take sacks without getting too rattled. Kubiak is going to have to let Schaub air it out downfield if the Packers start to score. I’m nervous, but at least it will be more exciting than Monday’s game.

I didn’t think it was possible to make Blitzkrieg Bop worse.

Man, I dunno. The Titans seem to moving on us pretty well. I’m not sure what happened in the second drive, I missed it. Somehow we got the ball back and scored.

But the Titans are driving again. And the Steelers lost Pouncy too, not a good sign for the offense.

Ha, they have to take Chris Johnson off the field to get a rushing TD.

The announcers have been fellating Pouncey all game.

I’ve come to realize that recognition of good offensive line play is almost random. Almost none of the fans watching the game know how to evaluate good line play, but they want to seem savvy like they know - so they wait until someone who presumably knows better - a commentator, sports writer, whatever - signs the praises of a lineman. Then suddenly to get in on the savvy line-watching bandwagon, everyone starts parroting that line, and then suddenly everyone is convinced that lineman is great.

Sometimes it’s right, and you’re recognizing legitimately good line play, but sometimes it’s just one play or two that someone notices and it becomes this emporer’s new clothes out of control nonsense.

Pouncey seems to be the latter - I’ve seen him play quite a bit and he doesn’t strike me as something special. He just happened to be in the right place at the right time to get randomly misdirected offensive lineman praise.

This is not looking good. I’m not sure if I’m *glad *I can’t see it live…

Oof! Looks like we’ll go into the half down 13-10. I won’t see the second half, I can barely keep my eyes open.

EDIT: Maybe I typed too soon! Big pass by Ben!

Oof! (again!) Interception. Not looking good…

Down goes Pittsburgh! Nice way to start the week.

And that’s exactly why I switched my Pittsburgh survivor pick an hour before kickoff. Going on the road with only 3 days rest has got to be brutal. Great equalizer.

Edit: Just now realized there were two other leagues I forgot to switch the pick in. Ugh.

I feel slightly better about the Reds being defeated now. Now if only the Bengals beat the Browns, then…well, that may be too much to hope for just now. Better to savor the moment.

Yes, the idea of beating the Browns is just reaching too far.

It is pretty far-fetched…


:frowning: Well, I guess I was prepared.

Battle of Ohio, bitches!

This game might be pretty interesting with the passing games for both offenses. It’s windy as shit in Cleveland today.