NFL Week 7

St. Louis dominating Dallas? Looks like the Cowboys have been partying with Pacman too much.

What is up with the Saints? That team is so inconsistent. How do you get Colstein and Shockey back with Drew Brees and only score 7 points so far?

The local network affiliate here actually switched games. I have NEVER in 20 years of watching NFL football seen a network change games if the Cowboys were playing.
This is the same Cowboy team that drew a lot of fans here in Phoenix last week.

Lions got a first down late in the first quarter. It is the first time they got one in the first period since game 3. How inept are they? Houston is up 21 -0
Houston looks like a power house.

My Chargers lost to the Bills, which sucks, but wasn’t a huge surprise. Well played to Trent Edwards, if the numbers are any indication. Boo to power outages…even if we lost, I still would’ve liked to be able to see it, if only to be able to say anything of relevance about it here.

Doesn’t look like it’s going to be their year. Poor bastards…they got hosed by a booth review (that went their way!) in week one, firehosed by Ed Hochuli in week two, lost to the Dolphins of all people, and now this. Still, they’re not out of it yet. Belichick’s pissed after losing to 1) Miami and 2) the guys who just lost to Miami, and I’m hoping the Pats channel that into beating on Denver tonight. In fact, I’d bet a beer or two on it. Any takers? :smiley:

I was at the Panthers - Saints game today. The first half was very competitive. A couple of plays going the other way would have had New Orleans leading at half-time. Bush was for the most part running quite well. But Brees was being hurried and his accuracy today was miserable. On one occasion, on third down and middling yards, he had a wide open receiver at the right sideline on a hook route and he literally threw the ball into the turf some three yards short of the receiver.

The second half was totally different. The Panthers got better and better at moving the ball; the Saints without Reggie Bush were unable to make any sustained effort. There were a couple interceptions thrown by Brees in the third quarter that were crucial; both IIRC ended up in points for the Panthers. I put much of the result right on Brees’ back here.

Denver has done quite well against New England in the Belichick era. A couple years back it was a perfect rock paper scissors, where New England was rock, Denver was paper, and Indianapolis was scissors.

Indianapolis has since overcome their struggles against the Patriots. Whether the Patriots have overcome their issues against the Broncos remains to be seen, but I wouldn’t bet against the Broncos.

I think today marks the end of the Derek Anderson Era. 3 for 14 for 17 yards at halftime. Oofa.

Packers are impressing the hell out of me against the Colts. Their O line looks good and their Defense is looking even better.

The Packers are looking quite strong - that was a very strong first half, wearing down the Indy D and converting a lot of 3rd downs.

The defense is also looking better than expected, even with a lot of 2nd stringers stepping up in the wake of injuries.

Peyton looks pretty pissed off though, and I’m never comfortable with a lead against him, no matter how great. He’s tough.

Great game though, and a win here keeps them in a tie for first in the NFC North with the Bears. (That was quite a shootout - Bears/Vikes - but I’m not sure whether that was a case of good offenses or poor defenses)
ETA: and an interception return for a TD! Go Pack!

Moron Yeahbuters: “Yeahbut, whaddaya expect with Romo out? You know they’d be killing the Rams if Romo was playing”.

So, apparently Romo plays defense now.

Whoops…almost forgot: HA-ha!

I was at the game too. The Saints were definitely moving the ball better in the first half, until Bush left, but even then the Panthers were doing a good job against Brees. I’ve been saying it for a few weeks, their D is really strong. It has mostly been the linebackers and secondary, but today the D-Line stepped up (especially Peppers) and did their part.

As a Cardinals fan, I am NOT looking forward to playing the Panthers next week. The Cards suck going east. Then we have to go to St. Louis who have knocked off the Cowboys and Redskins.

I fucking hate Romeo Crennel. And I’m not using that phrase lightly. He’s probably a nice guy and I don’t wish harm on him, but he’s strangling the life out of something I love.

When your wildly inconsitent starting quarterback is something like 5 for 24 for 40 yards, and yet your defense and running game have been good enough that you’re only down 7, and you have a backup you deem valuable enough to turn down a first and second rounder in trade for, why would you not try to get a spark and put him in? Because you’re a coward and you don’t want to have to deal with the controversy that would result if the move was successful. It’s more important to go down in flames with your cowardice by sticking with the status quo than to try your best to win football games.

Speaking of cowardice - you’re at something like the opponent’s 40 yard line with a minute and a half left. You have no timeouts and you find yourself in a second and 1 situation. So what do you do? QB sneak! And then run the clock down 30 seconds! What the fuck? Are you doing your best to play for the field goal because you’re afraid to win?

It’s not just that, of course - everything he does as a coach is bad. His game planning, adjustments, personell decisions, motivational ability, strategy, team cohesiveness - he does everything badly.

Do you have any idea how frustrating it is to have a pretty decent football team that’s driven to perpetual failure by the cowardice and incompetance of one man?

Well, in Romeo’s defense…
I got nuthin’.

Holy crap, did anyone else watch that Jets/Raiders game? I know I am the only one really talking about the Raiders on these boards, but good lord that was an exciting game. Won by the Raiders with a 57 yard field goal in OT! Go Raiders!

Can’t wait for Romeo’s press conference.

“So coach, what happened?”

“Well, you know, the other team scored more points than us, so we lost. If we had scored more points we might’ve won. That’s something we can work on for next game”

“So what made you choose a QB sneak on that 2nd and 1 play with a little over a minute left?”

“Well, you know, first downs are good, right? So we figured we’d try to get the first down. Makes sense I think”

“Did you ever consider giving Brady Quinn a chance to spark the offense?”

“We’ve decided that Derek Anderson is our starter until he throws 70 straight incomplete passes or 12 interceptions in a game. He hasn’t even come close to that yet so he’s clearly exceeding expectations”

If the Browns don’t make a QB change, I will be shocked.

Prepare to be shocked then, I would guess there’s a better than a 2/3rds chance Anderson will be starting next week. Crennel is determined to go down in flames with him. If there’s to be a change, ownership or possibly the GM will have to dictate it.

The situation was pretty much ideal for a QB changeup - everyone on the team was playing well except the quarterback, the game was in reach, there was clear dissention going on (our fullback almost took a swing at Anderson) - if Crennel doesn’t make a change there, I doubt he’s going to at all.

It’s astounding that they were in position to lose that game at the end by a few feet with a missed field goal. What the hell is wrong with Washington that they couldn’t beat the crap out of us?

Season’s over. 2-4 is a whole different ballgame than 3-3, especially with the AFC wildcard still wide open.

It occurs to me that if that was a home game, the crowd might’ve stormed the field and eaten Romeo alive.

I only exaggerate slightly.

Too bad, missed opportunity.

I watched it. From the Raiders perspective, yeah, you had to be happy with that. As a Giants fan I was rooting for Gibril Wilson. And that kick at the end was a work of art.

As a Jets fan, though, I gotta say, ugh. I hate the fucking Raiders.

Man, the one game he showed up for just had to be against the Giants. Seems like that game went badly for both of us, hanging a loss on the Giants and solidfying Romeo’s mancrush on Anderson.