NFL Week 7

General discussion. Didn’t see a thread.

Go Bengals! Go Miami!

Cleveland came to play. Looking fired up.

I’ve got a bold prediction for next season. Wade Phillips gets shitcanned in Dallas and Lovie Smith gets the boot in Chicago. Lovie Smith is your next head coach in Dallas, going home and licking Jerry’s boots.

Also, the Bears are fucking depressing to watch.

My computer is broken. It shows Cleveland up 10-0 against the Saints.

Yeah, it’s definitely broken. It says the Bills are beating the Ravens.

I really like watching Steven Jackson run.

Browns secondary has Brees number today, but they’re dropping all the ints.

Wow sight read fake punt at their own ten goes 70 yards. Clevelands ST unit is so damn good.

Browns really took the Saints to the woodshed that first half. If I weren’t a Saints fan, it would be a thing of beauty to behold. As I am a Saints fan…I think I’ll have another drink.

Lovie is hands down the worst coach to ever strap on a headset. Not challenging an obvious TD that resulted in a fumble. Following a completely ill advised challenge one play earlier.

Welcome back, Ed Reed!

I haven’t seen the highlight yet, but you’re telling me that Lovie Smith’s idiocy just cost me a 12 point swing (my Cutler against his WAS defense)? Ugh.

I am on a powerfully boring Eagle-Titans game here. The TEN offense is just so bad against teams that can contain Chris Johnson. Pats-SDG in an hour, thank god…

I’m sad I can’t hit a sports bar to watch the Bears game. It looks like it would be fun.

Yup. And cost the Bears 7 points too.

Nah, the Bears defense has been pretty good and the Bears offense has been steady in the second half. You’d enjoy the hell out of the Cutler picks and Lovie’s ongoing seizure though.

Actually, it wouldn’t be fun. Both teams seemingly want the other team to win. 7 turnovers between them.

ETA: hahahahahahaha. Make that 8.

In the Steelers/Dolphins game, that was one of the worst premature touchdown calls I’ve seen in a while. Damn!

As it turns out, the Throw It Up And Let Kenny Britt Catch It offense is kind of entertaining, at least when it works. As is watching the Eagles manage to blow a game they had well in hand.

Weird replay in the PIT-MIA game. Roethlisberger TD called back due to a fumble on the half yard line, but PIT keeps the ball for a FG attempt to go ahead because there was no definitive proof of MIA recovering the fumble - probably 95% chance Miami covered it, but they’re right in that you can’t see it for absolute 100% sure. If Reed doesn’t blow the gimme, it’ll set up a 2 minute drive for the Dolphins down a point.

I hate the Bears. They are a constant disappointment under Lovie.

Man, the refs really wanted to give Ben that touchdown didn’t they?