NFL Week 7

Week 7 Games, home team last, odds per

SFO	-7
BUF	-3
MIN	-6
HOU	-6.5
StL	+5.5
CAR	+2
NYG	-5.5
TB	+3
NE	-10.5
OAK	-4
CIN	+2.5
CHI	-6

FWIW, I think the Niners absolutely annihilate the Seahawks tonight. Be interesting to see how Alex Smith comes back from his drubbing. I like Houston, but 6.5 is a lot of wood, even with no Webb, Lewis, and probably Ngata too.

I like Cincy getting 2.5. Pittsburgh is too banged up.

And New Orleans giving 3 on the road? What have they done this season to merit that kind of respect?

I think you’re wrong. For one thing, they play tomorrow.

That’s exactly what the Niners want the Seahawks to think.

I’ll go out on a limb and predict a Seahawk victory. This team is young, but motivated.

The Browns getting 3 in Indy? I’ll take 'em. In fact, I’ll take the Browns to win. It’s the start of a streak. In seriousness, their defense is on another level with Joe Haden back.

That Baltimore line looks out of whack, too. Getting 6.5 in Houston? Wow, how many points was Ray Lewis worth?

Crap, don’t know why I thought it was Thursday. And I was in such a hurry to get the thread up too.

Were the Seahawks playing at Qwest (now CenturyLink), I’d agree with you. On the road, they’ve: lost at Arizona 20-16, lost at St. Louis 19-13, and barely beat Carolina 16-12. Last year, they lost both games to the Niners; 33-17 at Candlestick (3Com or whatever it’s called now) and 19-17 at home. Last year’s splits of 4-4 home, 3-5 away weren’t as marked as in other years, but I’m not seeing a Seahawk win here.

But that’s why they play the games. Maybe they saw something in the Giants’ game film that’s the equivalent of the unguarded exhaust port for the Niners? Do we think that Kaepernick gets the starting job if Smith has another disastrous game like last week?

EDIT: I don’t know if it was Ray Lewis so much as Webb. Both of them together are a pretty bitter pill. At least they’ll have Ngata mostly healthy.

I’m a Houston fan and I think 6.5 is way too much. When both teams are healthy I’d say it’s a push; Houston and Baltimore are very evenly matched. Maybe with Baltimore’s injuries I’d give 3, but Houston has a couple of serious injuries too: Cushing of course but now Jonathan Joseph may be out for Sunday too.

This game is gonna be over in 2:30 with all this running.

The line was 7.5, right? That decision on the safety has to be one of the great non-covers of all time.

7 or 7.5. It was definitely one of the all-time great NFL gambling moments.

What do you think has better odds: Alex Smith fumbling the kneeldown snap and Seattle recovering and scoring a TD to tie, or Seattle recovering the free kick and scoring twice in 40 seconds?

I think the first option, while highly unlikely, is still much more likely than the second option. So I wouldn’t say that Harbaugh necessarily made the right call.

I retract my earlier statement.

Joseph’s been working with the trainers, so he may be pushing to play. Don’t know if that’s a good idea or not, but we’ll find out one way or the other Sunday. Doesn’t seem the type of injury that would sideline you but I’m guessing everybody in Houston would prefer he was healed up before taking the field.

I’d also give 3 with all the injuries. I guess the bookmakers are also adding the automatic 3 for a home game.

There is probably more injury potential on onside kicks.

So anyway, the Browns are under new ownership this week. Which can’t possibly be bad. Regime after regime, the only constant in the Browns organization has been ownership.

Al Lerner, the father, never should’ve been awarded the team. Art Modell made the deal to move the Browns on Lerner’s personal jet. He was no friend of the city of Cleveland. So fuck him.

Randy Lerner, the son - can you imagine growing up in a world of such priviledge that owning a football team just wasn’t enough to interest you? Randy wanted nothing to do with the Browns and seemed to consider it a chore to be the owner. Al’s will dictated that Randy couldn’t sell the team for 10 years after his death - why I don’t know. I guess Al wanted to fuck Cleveland from the grave too.

So finally free of the Lerners, I can only hope this signals a new dawn for the organization.

I don’t know much about Haslam, but at least he’s competant at building organizations and wants to be there, so that’s something. He’s actually a pretty cool guy, I met him briefly the day before the season opener. He was at a Browns Backers pre-game party meeting all the fans. Not posing for the cameras, trying to make a PR stunt to show the fans how much he cares, but just hanging out with the fans because he was interested in being a part of the whole experience. Seemed pretty cool and down to Earth for a billionaire.

Whether that translates into good ownership, hard to say - it would hard to be worse.

The Browns have 50% more rookie snaps than the team with the second most in the league this year. Huge margin. Almost triple the average.

I must have blinders on, because I hadn’t even heard about the new owners.

As a Steeler fan I’ll still root against them of course… :slight_smile:

But for the sake of the loyal Cleveland fans, I hope they see an improvement.

the steelers are going down!!!

lol. Well, I won’t be able to watch the whole game, 'cause I start a new job tomorrow and I want to be sure that I’m up and awake and look good on my first day - so I have no idea what they’ll do in the second half without me there to tell them: Throw it! Throw it now! Run! Run!

Of course, too often they act like they can’t hear me anyway…