NFL Week 9

Yeah, in retrospect definitely not.

But last year Hauschka was bad. Bad enough to cost games (the 6-6 Arizona game where he missed a chip shot FG in overtime comes to mind).

Walsh has a good leg and was cheaper. But clearly he has problems. Every single miss this game was wide left, and while the weather was messy there was no wind.

And whatever problem Hauschka had last year, he got over it. The Hawks could have made room for the extra 1M in cap space they needed for him.

Dunno what they put in AJ Green’s water down there in Jacksonville, but he absolutely lost his shit on Jalen Ramsey.

My Packers don’t play until tomorrow, so today was more recreational watching while doing things around the house. The Seattle game was close, and pretty exciting for the last few minutes. Watching the Seahawks lay an egg for the first 3 quarters while Wilson scrambled for his life behind the turnstile line, only to culminate in the defense not being able to lock down the come from behind victory was simply icing on the cake.

And the Cleveland Browns had their best week since the season began.


It’s so hard to figure out kickers. Before yesterday, Walsh was 12/13 and 17/18, so is that his skill level and yesterday was a bad day, or had he just been fortunate until it caught up to him yesterday? Teams just don’t try enough field goals to get enough of a sample.

You can look at Koo on the Chargers this year. He was 3/6 on FG and 9/9 on XP. The first miss was a block, after he’d made the kick but it didn’t count as Denver called time out. It’s entirely possible that he’s a pro-level kicker, and had the bad fortune to miss in an important situation to lose the Miami game. Or maybe he can’t handle pressure and would never be good. It’s pretty easy to picture things going completely differently for him if Denver hadn’t gotten through for that block, which really isn’t on him.

Undefeated in November! And with Josh Gordon’s return next month, I have equally high hopes for December.

I see what you did there…


Minnesota fans know Walsh is due for one day of absolutely screwing the pooch every year or two. Other than that, he’s pretty automatic under 50 yards.