NFL Week 9

Yes, I always forget to start this thread until the thursday game reminds me

Thursday night
Oakland Raiders at San Francisco 49ers (-4)
Sunday early
Chicago Bears at Buffalo Bills (NL)
Kansas City Chiefs (-8.5) at Cleveland Browns
New York Jets at Miami Dolphins (NL)
Detroit Lions at Minnesota Vikings (-6.5)
Atlanta Falcons at Washington Redskins (-2.5)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Carolina Panthers (-5.5)
Pittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore Ravens (-3)

Sunday late
Houston Texans at Denver Broncos (PK)
Los Angeles Chargers at Seattle Seahawks (-2.5)
Los Angeles Rams (-2.5) at New Orleans Saints

Green Bay Packers at New England Patriots (-6.5)

Tennessee Titans at Dallas Cowboys (-4)

I admit to fully enjoying Gruden’s dumpster fire of a first year. It sucks for guys like Derek Carr and Rodney Hudson, who had chances to be great. But I do love just how horrible things are going for him this year.

I’m a Chiefs fan. Chief fans dislike the Raiders. The Raiders season, thus far, has been glorious.

Sheesh, what happened to the Raiders team that went 12-4 in 2016. Seems like they went from starting 2017 among the superbowl hopefuls, to getting totally destroyed in a prime time game by the 1-7 49ers with a rookie QB making his first start. Brutal.

There can’t be any doubt that the Raiders are playing for the first draft pick. It looked like they were playing just hard enough to make it look like they were trying.

Field goal on first possession to avoid a literal blowout then nothing. Well they did try for a FG much later which hit the upright but I think they got in field goal range by accident and felt obligated.

The New York Football Giants respond: Hold my beer.

So at this point, the Giants’ season is lost. They drafted a QB in the 4th round this year (after cutting the one they drafted in the 3rd round last year), and they have a bye this week. The most logical course of action would be to bench Eli and put the rookie out there after the bye, with two weeks to get ready. It’s not like he’s a Geno Smith type that everyone in the world already knows completely sucks, so the fans will support the decision.

That’s what a real team would do. Or even the Raiders. What about the Giants? On Tuesday, that rookie QB almost ran over a cop on his way to practice, and then hauled ass away from the scene. Like you do. He was then pulled over by a different cop but refused to produce his identification or comply with the officers instructions. (Like, for example, “Get out of the car.”)

He was arrested for:

Eluding police
Obstructing administration of law
Resisting arrest

Plus the motor vehicle charges:

Reckless driving
Disregarding an officer’s directions
Improper turn in marked traffic lane
Failure to remain in a marked lane

Well the Niners play the Giants on Vererans Day, I guess that’s another free win for them.

Mullens will continue to look like the greatest QB of all time for his first two games.

Then it’s the Buccaneers the week after. I wonder which QB he’ll be up against in that one.

Wow. What a dumbass! I found an article online that said that he’d already been issued a summons for doing the exact same thing at the exact same intersection!

Isn’t Gruden’s $100 million contract fully guaranteed?

Yes, but Gruden Said He Won’t Take Raiders’ Money if He “Can’t Get It Done”

“Getting it done”, of course, is at least 1 win per decade. Whew. He can take that 100m.

Perhaps Gruden could be the Browns next HC?

apparently jon wants an as much as possible all new team that’s loyal to him so hes going for draft picks and the like
or that’s the rationalization from the sports writers anyways ………

I really don’t think you could make a convincing argument at this point that Jon Gruden is making any attempt at all to win games this season, especially after getting embarrassed by one of maybe 2 or 3 teams in the league that they could have beaten. He wants that #1 overall pick, and he’ll take any and all offers that include draft picks.

…the day before.

ESPN fantasy app just reported that the Cardinals have released Sam Bradford. I assume it has something to do with his contract.

C’mon refs. Making up a fake OPI call to steal a 1st down from the Hawks. That was blatantly bad.

I’m nervous. Seattle historically doesn’t do well when they have to play against two teams at once (one team wearing stripes). :frowning:

And now they ignore stepping out of bounds to gift a TD to the Chargers. This is disgraceful.

Yeah, that TD review was pretty bad. I guess you could maybe say it’s not 100% clear that his heel actually touched down, but it looked like it did to me.

Wow, Saints are dominating Rams so far!