NFL Yardage Pool Competition 2011

Last year’s thread

Every week you pick 3 players: One for passing yards, one for rushing, and one for receiving. You can only use each player once per year. At the end of the week, however many yards those 3 players in their respective category added up is your score for that week. For the sake of simplicity, only yardage in that category counts - if you pick a running back for rushing yardage, and he runs for 105 and receives for 45, you only score 105.

So a typical score might look like

Week X
Peyton Manning 312
Ray Rice 78
Calvin Johnson 47

You’ll have to determine your own totals and post them to this thread. I started to do it all myself last year, but it was too time consuming, so everyone was nice enough to start posting their own totals. I take the numbers and post them all to a spreadsheet, which is updated weekly and viewable by everyone.

It turned out last year that passing yardage kind of dominated everything for obvious reasons, so I’m thinking we should tweak the spreadsheet to halve passing yardage (or double rushing/receiving) to keep the importance of each position relatively balanced.

Everyone is welcome to join. So long as people post their own scores, it wouldn’t take me too much longer to manage a lot of people.

If you’re reading this after the season has begun, you can still join us - you won’t be in competition for the total scores, but you could win from week to week.

I forgot this thread until late and so we don’t have much time. If you want someone from the NO/GB game, get the pick in before kickoff on Thursday, otherwise you don’t have to get your picks in until Sunday, before kickoff of the game involving the players.

2009 results

Official (adjusted for dropping worst week) score:

  1. VarlosZ 7185
  2. RNATB 7172
  3. notfrommensa 7072
  4. Lieu 6809
  5. SenorBeef 6662
  6. Wilson 6338
  7. Omniscient 6084

2010 results

  1. SenorBeef 4601
  2. RNATB 4497
  3. Varlos 4475
  4. Omni 4093

Anyway, to join us, just post a QB/WR/RB.

Who’s going to pass me at the end of the season this year, I wonder?

Josh Freeman
Peyton Hillis
Hakeem Nicks

Oh, we halved QB scores from year 1 to year 2 so all positions would be more closely weighted, hence the discrepency in scores.

Philip Rivers
Darren McFadden
Calvin Johnson

SB, I got your Private Message and it kind of scared me. I first saw the notification yesterday morning when I got the message that I had been banned (like everybody). But the only thing visible on the “Banned” screen was that I had a PM.

I said to myself, Uh oh, what could have I have done to get banned? Alas it was only your PM.

And, FWIW, I just don’t follow the NFL so I won’t be playing again this year. Good luck to everyone and have fun with the competition.

Ced Ben
Santonio Holmes

Eli Manning
Frank Gore
Marques Colston

Shameless bump. Big game tonight, get your picks in everyone.


I’m sorry, the correct answer was “Cam Newton”.

259/2 + 57 + 122 = 309

268/2 + 59 + 81 = 274

Looks like SenorBeef forgot to choose his players…

335/2 + ??? + 88

Ironically in one of my bigger fantasy games I have Moreno against McFadden so I’m hoping this score doesn’t go up too much.

Well, if he hurries he’s got 4 teams worth of players to select from. Wonder which QB he’ll choose.

Yep, away from comp all weekend and forgot


My forced Brady pick sort of worked out. Marshall too at 139. McFadden at 43 and climbing.

It’s looking like the odds are very high that this is going to be the highest total all season.

Tom Brady 517
Darren McFadden 150
Brandon Marshall 139

517/2 + 150 + 139 = 547.5 yards

Is that an all-time record?

Yup. 495 was the previous record under the QB-adjusted scoring system.

668 was the old unadjusted record, so 806 thoroughly demolishes it.