NFL Yardage Pool competition

In yet another SDMB NFL-related contest, I’m going to run a yardage pool.

Every week, you pick one quarterback, wide receiver, and running back and their passing, receiving, and rushing totals respectively are added up to determine your score for that week. Touchdowns, fumbles, etc. don’t matter, strictly yardage. You can only use any given player once for the whole season, so you need to plan ahead.

Seperate scores for each category (pass/rush/rec) may be kept for interest’s sake (depending on what sort of system I or Ellis Dee work out for recording/displaying this data), but the total combined score will be what determines the rankings.

Picks will be due before the start of the game the selected player is in. So if you forget to pick until Monday, you can pick someone playing in the Monday night game, assuming you haven’t used them before.

Picks and results will be done within the thread - we won’t be using any external sites except perhaps using a webpage to display information and results in a more orderly manner.

So if you want to play, just post your 3 players - QB, WR, and RB for week 1.

I know I’m starting it pretty late, what with 2 days until the season opener. I was debating on whether or not I should run this, since if I don’t come with some efficient system it’ll be a lot of work.

But… the 2 day thing only matters if you’re going to pick a player from the Pit/Ten game, and given that both teams have tough defenses that’s unlikely - so for the most part we’ll have until Sunday to have people enter.

And for that matter, people can enter mid-season if they’d like. They won’t have much of a shot at the overall title, but they can win individual weeks and play for fun.

I’m in. What do you think about dropping the lowest one or two weekly scores for each participant? If nothing else, it’d provide a buffer for the occasional missed week.

I don’t mind the idea too much. Depending on how I implement the actual data tracking, I may not bother to do the dropped week calculations until the end of the season. If you’re going to join this, please weigh in on this issue. Let’s see what people want.

I’m in.

Matt Hasselbeck, Greg Jennings and Cedric Benson.

For wide recievers, do you count yards after catch, or just the pass yardage?

(not playing, just curious)

The total yardage as listed on, so any yardage he acquires through receiving a pass.

Just saw that you use once. I’m in but planning.

Do you get credit if one of your players advances a recovered fumble?

ETA: lieu, you know you can only use each player once this season, right?

For ease and consistency, I’m probably just going to look at whatever the rushing/passing/receiving totals are listed at on So whatever they decide counts as the relevant yards is what will count here. I’m not sure how fumble recovery advance yards ad counted.

Good question, I’m not sure either. I know that yards gained after a lateral count as rushing yards. In theory, a lateral is just a controlled fumble, so if I had to guess I’d say that they’re treated the same.

I’ll come up with my picks before Sunday, having trouble deciding just now.

I take it we’re not allowed to pick Pittsburgh or Tennessee players unless we do it right now?


I’ll also come up with my picks before Sunday, I’ve been surprisingly busy this week. I doubt anyone is going to want to start any players in tonight’s game anyway, since there’s not going to be a lot of yardage to go around with those defenses.

Au contraire. Changing my picks again- I’m now going with Hasselbeck, Santonio Holmes and Benson. Give me something to root for in tonight’s otherwise meaningless (and surely boring) game.

Boring? 2 of the top defenses in the league teeing off against each other on opening night? What are you, some sort nancy boy?!

I hate both teams, and I think Tennessee is in for a big down year. When you’re a defensive-oriented ball-control team, tiny swings can make a big difference.

Last year Tennessee won a bunch of games because their defense kept scores low and let them run the ball 50 times a game. Their defense will still be good, but without Haynesworth I don’t think they’ll be quite as effective on first and second down.

Remember, they started 10-0 last season, but were 3-3 to finish, plus a first-round playoff loss… and two of those three wins were against Detroit and Cleveland (the other, admittedly, was against Pittsburgh).

They play in one of the league’s three best divisions, and both Houston and Jacksonville are expected to do better this season than last.

QB - Carson Palmer
RB - Thomas Jones
WR - Marques Colston

Okay, so it wasn’t boring.

131 yards for Holmes. This does not bode well for the rest of you. :wink: