NFL's Aaron Hernandez murder suspect?

Forgive me if there’s already a thread on this, but I didn’t come up with one. The New England Patriot’s Tight End Aaron Hernandez is involved in a murder investigation and possibly a suspect.

It’s too early to know what happened but this article makes it sound suspicious at the least.

Yeah, the Tim Tebow thread kinda devolved into the Aaron Hernandez murder thread.

Ahhh. I typically avoid Tebow so that explains things.

Yeah, this is getting ugly. According to the linked article, he’s allegedly destroyed his home security system and his cell phone, plus hired a cleaning crew to scrub his house. That’s not really consistent with innocent behavior. Whether he’s actually done anything illegal or not, it certainly appears that he’s trying to hide something.

He’ll be fine if he doesn’t get convicted. You know the reputation the Hoodie has with character guys. If only Mangini hadn’t dimed Belichick out, we’d have footage of this…

I think he’s fucked, personally. An innocent person doesn’t do such things. The story I read says he turned over his cellphone to the cops through his lawyer…in pieces.

I agree that it seems like he is guilty of something, but if he destroyed evidence well, there may not be enough to convict him.

At this point, the best case scenario is that he’s covering up for a friend who committed murder. And that’s pretty bad for a best case scenario.

And if he is covering for someone else, he could get charged as an accessory, or for obstruction of justice. If Tebow has any interest in playing tight end, this might be a good time to start learning some routes…

Apparently, an arrest warrant for obstruction of justice has been issued, and I assume he’ll be turning himself in shortly. Or he’ll do something crazy, like a slow speed chase and/or messy suicide.

This, on top of the recent lawsuit that he shot a friend in the face (why was that no prosecuted?), blows my mind. He always seemed like a nice guy to me.

The Miami shooting wasn’t prosecuted because the victim wouldn’t cooperate with the popo’s, for whatever reason. That will make it hard to win this case, whatever really happened there.

This is at least as bad as the Ray Lewis case, and probably a lot worse. Hernandez is fully lawyered up, and even before that he was refusing to cooperate - also uncharacteristic for an innocent man, unless he was covering for friends, which still makes him an accomplice.

Yup- the police have issued a warrant for his arrest for obstruction of justice. Which doesn’t mean he couldn’t eventually be charged with murder, too.

Well, I think the best-case scenario is that he’s a clumsy neat freak, but I wouldn’t count on it.

He’s been turned away from camp. He’s in deep shit. If he’s covering up for someone else he made it look like he did it.

If his name were Clouseau instead of Hernandez, yes, there would be a hard to believe but truthful innocent excuse for all this. But yeah, when a guy smashes his phone and home security system to pieces, it looks very bad. And I think if the police ask for your phone and your lawyer give it to them in little pieces, the police get very, very angry.

I couldn’t figure out why he would smash up his phone. First of all, it’s probably easy to simply lose (once powered down). “I lost my phone” is more convincing than “Here’s my smashed up phone”. But more importantly, the police can pretty much retrieve all calls, texts, etc. with a warrant any way. I can understand Hernandez not thinking about the above and doing something rash. But why would his lawyer allow him to turn in a phone like that?

Those reports turned out to be, well, let’s say “premature”. But stay tuned.

Lawyering up may be uncharacteristic for an innocent man, but not for people who make $6 million/year. The fact he lawyered up and was uncooperative with police (generally meaning, not answering questions), on its own, really means nothing- it is the smartest thing for anyone in his position to do when cops come to their house about a homocide, whether innocent or not.

It sure doesn’t look good for Hernandez though, whether he was in involved in the murder or not. I can imagine 2 plausible reasons for destroying the security system and phone-

  1. he was involved directly or indirectly in the murder
  2. He has a known history with drugs, and probably had pot (or other), and a lot of it, in his house. He’d certainly have motive to destroy incriminating drug evidence, even if he had nothing to do with the murder.

Either way though, he’s probably screwed

I don’t know how this could be a “lot worse” than the Ray Lewis case though. At worst its equally bad.


*law enforcement source told FOX 25 Wednesday night Hernandez appears to be directly tied to the homicide of Odin Lloyd; however, at this point there have been no arrests in the case, but new information gathered Thursday paints a clearer picture as to why Hernandez is the focus of the investigation.

FOX 25’s Bob Ward’s sources have confirmed that there is video evidence of Hernandez and two other men wearing hooded sweatshirts walking into Hernandez’s home within minutes of neighbors hearing gunshots.

Neighbors say they heard the gunshots between 3 a.m. and 3:30 a.m. Monday morning, but did not report it to police right away.*

If that is true, then that would explain why he destroyed his own security system…but there appears to be lots of other potentially incriminating video out there.

He’s either involved in a murder before, during, or after the fact, or he’s a murderer, or he’s doing his damnest to make it look that way.

I wonder if I can get a good deal on that house…