NFL's Aaron Hernandez murder suspect?

From that link:


Watching the arraignment:

Count 1 is murder.

Seven further counts about firearms violations.

He’s done.

May Odin Lloyd rest in peace.

His killer? Forget his name.

Man, he’s a fucking idiot. Video surveillance showing four of them driving into the industrial park, then the three of them driving out of the park several minutes later. Turned off his surveillance system, but didn’t erase it showing him getting out of the car with a gun.

Shell casings STILL IN THE RENTAL CAR when he found it.

Video of him buying Bubblicious blue gum earlier that evening. Bubblicious blue gum all over the place. If this was a CSI episode, I’d be laughing.

Sounds like the police did a very thorough job before arresting him. I can’t imagine what his defense will be, apart from “I didn’t ACTUALLY pull the trigger.”

“I have come here to …”

Nope, can’t do it, too early.

No bail. Enjoy your cell Aaron.

So he tried to destroy his cell phone and surveillance system and hired a professional cleaning service, but didn’t bother to dispose of all the apparently unregistered/illegal firearms in his house before the police searched it? Even if he somehow manages to beat the murder rap (which I really doubt, given the mountain of evidence presented at the arraignment and whatever smoking guns I’m sure the prosecution is still holding back for the trial), those gun charges will put him away for years.

What do you mean, “too early”? That movie came out ages ago.

So reading between the lines a bit from what the prosecutor said:

He was pissed off at Odin Lloyd because of some minor altercation at a nightclub. Something like Lloyd spoke to someone he wasn’t supposed to.

He called up 2 friends from his old neighborhood in CT. Made statements like “There’s no one I can trust” on camera.

The three of them drove to Lloyd’s house and picked him up.

Hernandez blew smoke up his Lloyd’s ass that he’d somehow getting him into the NFL (this is pure speculation on my part). Lloyd apparently texted his sister “NFL!” after Hernandez picked him up.

They took him into a industrial park, and Hernandez shot him. Five times.

That pretty much sums it up. If someone were writing a book about how NOT to commit a murder, I doubt they could do a better job.

Someone maybe affiliated with a gang that was a rival to whatever gang Hernandez is associated with perhaps? That’s my guess.

Right after he texted her something like “Know who I’m with?” So NFL meant Hernandez.

So who are the other 2 guys, the accomplices, and when are they getting cuffed?

If I were representing one of them, I’d be beating down the DA’s door looking to cut a deal to testify against Hernandez…and likely elbowing the lawyer for the other accomplice/co-defendant who’d be there doing the same thing.

They took him into a industrial park almost next door to his own fuckin house, and Hernandez shot him. Five times.

Don’t these kids today learn anything? Hoffa is still missing because they didn’t bury him on the block, little lessons like that just are not being passed down to kids today.

Exactly. Hearing the other text messages they read during the hearing, he was letting people know who he was with.

The police picked them up from Hernandez’ house and brought them to the North Attleboro police station the morning after the body was discovered.

Someone above mentioned all the things that pointed to him being quite the dim bulb…but forgot to mention that the keys to the rental car that was rented in his name were found in Lloyd’s pocket.

Didn’t anybody learn anything from Mr. Stabby? He gave them the template for getting away with murder. Being a criminal is Darwinian, only the dumb ones get caught. Hernandez is dumber than a bag of hammers.


I wonder if Tim Tebow will have anything to say. He’s now a Patriot and Hernandez was his go-to receiver at Florida.

I wondered if the delayed warrant meant the police were getting ready for more serious charges than obstruction- not that any other suspects were ever floated in the first place. It sounds like they have a very strong case, and it sounds like another criminal tried to outsmart the cops and failed badly.

I grew up in an adjacent town, and I just remembered that for many years my mother worked in an industrial park in North Attleborough… ! I’ll have to find out if it’s the same place. NA is not a huge town.