NHL: December 2022

A Christmas hockey miracle in our family. In 2018 the Caps gave renewing season ticket holders a replica of the Stanley Cup Ring. My son’s house was broken into and in the confusion he couldn’t find his ring. After much searching he assumed it was stolen. For Christmas this year I bought a replica of Ovie’s ring on eBay. Just a few hours after I gave him the ring, he found the original, we had forgotten that he left some stuff at our house during a renovation.

Darren McGavin nods in “I’ve probably been there” appreciation. :santa:

Currently watching Bolts and Habs, and apparently this is the first time in Montreal’s 113-year history that they’re starting with 5 rookie defensemen, all with a combined grand total of 130 NHL career games between them. :grimacing:
TB scored within two minutes but held off since.

Not sure if that is the same lineup but Montreal lost 9-2 to the Caps today.


Best of the laugh of the day.
By a mile.