NHL March 2019

The month starts off with the Senators firing Guy Boucher.

Which just sucks. The team ownership has done everything possible to NOT be competitive in the last few years.

Can’t remember the last time I’ve seen an NHL team in such complete free fall as the Senators this season.
Not just being 31st - everything has gone to pot with them - the timeline of shitty transactions and other fuck-ups over the last year and half - incredible.
Because they have absolutely crap market value now, word is is Bettman will intervene.
Sacking Boucher was not the solution.

Just a reminder, don’t pass the puck back to your goalie if he has been pulled. T. J. Oshie was the last Capitals player to touch the puck so he got credit.

Ouch - yeah - I’ve see that happen before.
Was we trying to pass it back to the point?

The announcers at the time thought he didn’t realize the goalie had been pulled. His post game comment was that he was trying to pass to another player and used too much force.

Knights started March with a win! Woot! Still chasing the post-season!

Hah, you guys are a ridiculously successful expansion team. I’d say you were a perfect example of exactly how evenly the NHL is balanced these days, which I find to be a beautiful thing – but on the other hand you guys picked just about every damn player I would have picked myself in that draft. That set of picks was a work of genius, and could have only been better if you’d won a cup in the inaugural year. Yeah, I’m jealous.

In the world of “wow, that was surprising!”, I had never seen an official raise their arm without a penalty being assessed until last night. Comeau had an incident where he brought down another player, play was stopped, and then the officials said “umm, it looked bad, but it was nothing”. Wow, when was the last time you saw that?

In the saga of Dallas’ goal tending, other than that weird hop in Vegas, I have even been in awe of our goalies’ puck handling. They usually just make me think “there are opposing players on your side of the blue line, you have no reason to leave the crease”, but they’ve actually been good at those times, recently, even if they do light terror in my heart.

Umm, I’m a loon that was working from memory. Comeau had an incident where it looked like he was guilty of high sticking another player in the face, not bringing them down.

Even still, ever seen an arm get raised and no penalty assessed?

The ref closest to the play called the penalty but he did not have the best angle on the play. The second ref, who was further away but had a better view, saw the play as a ‘follow through’ and thus the penalty was not called.

ETA: Yes, I have seen a ref raise his arm for a penalty then not call it after a consultation before.

Funny that you mention Dallas goalies’ puck handling, considering that their tender from 2000 - 2010 was Marty Turco, who was BY MILES the most impressive (and daring!) puckhandling goalie, like, ever. Often referred to as the third defenseman, he would intercept just about every puck dump-in and hand it off to the nearest D. And sometimes even fricking dekeing players behind the net - he was kinda nuts in that regard, but immensely entertaining, and rarely fucked up.

Heh - I wonder if David Yow ever checked out any games. The dude (I can personally vouch for this) is a constant burper and farter, so probably best not.

Interesting end of Rangers-Caps. Fourth round of a shootout and the goalie loses his stick - ruled as throwing his stick and an awarded goal for Ovie for the win.

I just watched that, and it was completely the correct call. Sure, it may have been unintentional, but how do you differentiate between “Oops! I lost my stick” and “I’m going to throw my stick at the puck!”

Turco certainly gave me conniptions back in the day, as well. But as you describe, he was quite good at it. Bishop and Khudobin aren’t really up to his level as a third defenseman most of the time. The last few weeks, they’ve really been doing well.
In regard to Yow: I kind of think that developing your own, special odor is an integral part of becoming a musician in Texas.

I saw that stick throw in the shootout in the Rangers/Caps game. Yeah, that was the right call.

Speaking of goalie antics, did anyone see the nutshot that Sabres goalie Ullmark gave to Mitch Marner?

No. And I watched the game.

Flower power! WOOT!

Detroit star and hall-of-famer Ted Lindsay dead at 93.

He’d be sick for awhile, hadn’t he? I don’t remember seeing him at the NHL Awards this year. :frowning: God, what a legacy that guy left.

RIP, Terrible Ted.

Ah, too bad - the first player to parade the Cup around the rink and then let the fans check it out. I was quite startled when he reminisced one time about Terry Sawchuk: “What a miserable SOB that guy was.” (quite possibly because TS was always in chronic pain - goalie equipment back then was quite lacking, apparently)

Anyway, R.I.P, Production Line Dude.