NHL: November 2009

An interesting twist from NHL Gamecenter online. They’re broadcasting the Montreal/Atlanta game using the Montreal feed. The game is broadcast in French! While I can’t understand the announcers, they’re by far the most enthusiastic NHL announcers I’ve ever heard.

Hockey is made to be listened to in French. “Et c’est le BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT!”

The RDS announcers don’t try and hide their bias in favour for the Habs, which makes it more fun to listen to. I don’t like Joel Bouchard, though…or rather, I tend to get distracted by his giant freaking hands that he never knows what to do with when he’s on screen.

Of course, the Habs lost tonight, 5-4. Doesn’t help Price’s case that he’s the starting goalie, but it would help if the rest of the team could play better too!

Kings got three goals in a row to get the come from behind victory against the Coyotes. Only got to see the third period but that was when they did most of their scoring.

Leafs are 1-7-5 and have 7 points… that’s gotta be annoying the 'Canes and their same amount of points but 1 more win. They need to fix the damned point system so all games are worth 3 points total. Games that go into OT need not be worth more than games that end in regulation.

I thought and OT win is exactly the same thing as a regular win.

2points for a win regardless. The problem lies in the TOTAL number of points being given out for 2 different outcomes of wins. The total number of points should always be same regardless of when it ends (regulation or overtime). I guess I’m old school and would like ties back. The beef i have is that not all games are equal. All wins are, but losers get an extra point for nothing. The solution should be regulation wins should be 3points, OT/SO wins 2 points and OT/SO losses 1point. So the total value of games being played should always give 3 points, or a standard value. So what i’m trying to say is that regulation games are worth 2points total for both teams but OT/SO games are worth 3points total for both teams.

I am for only making one change in the points system, but then I think about it, and realize it would hurt the actual games. Part of me really wants to see the overtime loss point eliminated…as it’s still a loss playing real hockey, and it wouldn’t have ended in a tie. Then you make it one point for a shootout loss (I.E, you got a tie…and the shootout gives the extra point).

The shootout is the best thing the NHL has ever implemented…talk about making the end of games exciting, rather than feeling, well, non-descript when your team ties…

However, then I think more about it and realize that taking away the overtime loss point would very likely have us go to way more shootouts, and the overtime period would be boring again, as teams try not to screw up and lose a point.

As screwy as it can make the final standings look, the current system has made overtime WAY more exciting than it was 10 years ago.

The 3 points for a regulation win could work, but I don’t know if you want to penalize a team because they didn’t win in regulation, and had to go to overtime to win it.

On a more personal fan-based note: My Penguins are now 12-3-0! I knew they’d be good for a while with their talent, but I had no idea they’d come out of the gate this strong.

With regards to the bolded part, if you wish to reward the losing team for taking the game to overtime, then why should we not dock the winning team for not being able to win it in regulation.

The NHL needs to make up its mind. If an overtime loss is not really a loss, then an overtime win is not really a win; therefore it should be 3 points for a regulation win and 2 for an OT/SO. Or, a win is a win is a win and should be worth 2 points, and a loss is a loss is a loss, and should be worth nothing.

Basically, that’s a long winded way of saying I think all points should have an equal number of points up for grabs. I don’t care whether it’s 2 or 3 they’re fighting over.

I am in favor of the 3-point system described above. I am also in favor of ten minutes of 4-4 overtime before going to a shootout.

Heck, I think 10 minutes of 5-5 would produce more winners in the OT period than 5 minutes of 4-4

Bruins - 1
[del]Bulldogs[/del]Habs - 2
Price gets a win (after turning away 40+ shots - he was pretty awesome), but as usual, the opponent gets a point too.

Nice to see Price get the win. Hopefully he keeps it up; so that we can entertain trade offers for Jaro Halak. I like him too, but I doubt he’ll ever be the full time #1 for us, and I think we could actually get a good package back for him.

For two games now (Boston, San Jose), Detroit has actually looked like Detroit. No more tightly grouped trios of forwards inching the puck up ice only to get stuffed. They actually spread out the offense and managed to open things up. Makes one wonder why they weren’t playing like that at the start of the season.

Better yet, Ozzie looked solid against the Sharks. His biggest problem is between his ears. When he’s mentally on his game, he’s a pretty good goalie. When he gets shaken? :eek: It’d be nice if he can string together a few really solid games and keep his head straight.

So I’m taking it that getting blown out by the Leafs isn’t exactly what you were looking for, Harborwolf?

As to the points issue, there should be no points at all. You either win a game or you lose, and the standings should be determined by wins and nothing else. If you lose in a shootout, too bad.

As to tonight’s games, it pains me as a Sens fan to say it, but Jonas Gustavsson is doing nothing to dissuade me from the notion he’s the real deal. He’s put up a lot of good games, and he looks, to my eye, to be very positionally solid. His play anticipation is remarkable for a goalie of such limited experience.

Pretty much. Maybe Kessel is really the miracle the Leafs were hoping for? That or Ozzie put his brain in backwards again.

I knew it was going to be an interesting season for Detroit. I just wasn’t thinking it was going to be this interesting.

it’s too bad no one would take Toskala and his shoddy goaltending and confidence. Looks like Gustavsson is the new starter and Kessel is igniting some sort of desperation within the Leafs locker room. Now for getting into the playoffs so that the picks traded for him become worse.

He’d look a lot better in a Dallas Stars uniform!

Someone on another board posted that this October is the best start for the Phoenix Coyotes ever. It certainly is impressive given all that the Yotes went through during the off season. They’re certainly a fun team to watch. They go all out even early in the season. I’m just hoping they don’t run out of gas after the Olympics. I remember last year too well.