NHL November 2018

Big congrats to all the Hall of Fame inductees tonight!

Willie O’Ree is a personal favorite hockey personality of mine, so I’m really glad to see him get in.

2 of those three belong in the Hall of Fame.

Arbitrator reduced Tom Wilson’s suspension from 20 games to 14 games. The arbitrator agreed with everything except the 3 times previous suspension calculation, using 2 times instead. In both calculations they counted playoff games as double.

I’ve been busy at work and largely unable to listen to or watch any games, which was a good thing last Friday. But today I finished a gig and I’ve been having a great time listening to the 2nd and 3rd period of tonight’s Knights-Oilers game.

I find myself cheering against the Oilers now. I’m hoping November finishes with the Oilers getting 6 points out of 28 possible. Then Todd McClellan will definitely go and there’s a possibility the season can be salvaged with a new coach. Waiting till after Christmas to fire him will just waste another season.

Well, some decisive action for a change. Todd McClellan fired, Ken Hitchcock replaces him.

I’m amazed it took the Blues this long to show Yeo the door.

Damn. Hitch will for sure shake things up there.

Number of days since the last Senators embarrassment: 0

What is up with the throw back powder blue jackets on HNIC?

Okay, I just want to get this over with. (Seriously, WTF is going on?)

Throw back to the 70s in support of cancer awareness. They’ll be signed and auctioned off in support.

I loved to see Dave Hodge back! Not to mention all the references to Howie Meeker: gee golly willikers!

“Stop it right there!”

Flyers fire Hextall. Wow, that seems like an over reaction to me. Last season there wasn’t one firing during the regular season. This make 5 so far this season and it isn’t even December yet.

Five wins in a row for the Capitals, I think.

So tonight one of two things can happen: the Knights can go above the .500 mark and keep the 'Hawks below it OR the 'Hawks could go .500 while the Knights backslide underneath again. It should be a great game!

Auston Matthews back tomorrow. I can’t wait!

The Knights had a dominating win over Chicago tonight! Fleury is just on fire, the guys are passing well and I noticed that all eyes were on the puck nearly every second of the game. I continue to think that Pacioretty is a good fit for the team. December is, to me, a critical time and I think the Knights are set to have a strong showing all month.

Ah, good for y’all! He’s a spark that y’all definitely need.

My Pens are getting back to their old selves, and the Flyers are at the bottom of the Metro. Life is good. :smiley:

Hockey arenas aren’t as unique as baseball stadiums, but I’m adding to my collection this weekend by going to the Washington Capitals.

I’ve been to Florida Panthers, Columbus Blue Jackets (the very first game), Los Angeles Kings, Dallas Stars, Phoenix Coyotes, and Chicago Blackhawks.

Ddamn that’s pretty impressive dale. I can match you with AHL and ECHL teams, but for the NHL I’ve only ever seen Boston at home and now my Knights.