NHL October 2009

Season starts tonight!

A couple of strange news stories. Mats Sundin retires. I’m really not surprised he retired, but it was a very low key announcement. He better not pull a Favre and try to come back mid-season.

Brendan Shanahan also quit the Devils right before the season.

It also looks like there is a pissing contest between Versus and Directv. Thankfully, I don’t have Directv, but this crap annoys me. Still, the NHL needs to get back on ESPN and leave Versus to the Tour de France. Oh, and the NHL could consider showing a team west of Detroit on NBC every now and then.

I’m more excited about this Leafs team than any team since the lockout ended. While I’m not a huge fan of fighting, I am a huge fan of physical hockey, and the Leafs have been way too soft in recent years. Hopefully, this new era of pugnacity, testosterone, truculence and belligerence results in a few more wins and a few less losses where it seems they were just going through the motions.

The eight seed would be nice but I’ll gladly take 41 wins. If that means the playoffs then so be it.

It’ll be nice to finally think about the game and not all of that other off-season crap.

I have directv and of course, my Bruins season opener is on versus tonight. I thought I was outta luck until I found a site online that is broadcasting it for free. I wont post the site as I’m sure it’s an illegal broadcast but just using a few choice words in a google search brought me to it. HA! Kiss my ass comcast/versus/directv!!!

Sorry, Kid_A, but the Leafs, however tough they are, are still going to be a bottom feeder this year. Their scoring depth is atrocious. I know that they were top 10 in the league in goals last season but that was a total fluke and they’ll be bottom 10 this year, even with Kessel.

If it’s any consolation, Montreal and Ottawa aren’t going to make it either. Ottawa’s depending on the likes of Cheechoo, who scored all of 12 goals last season and doesn’t seem to have NHL speed anymore after his knee injury, and Alex Kovalev, notorious for only playing when he feels like it, for secondary scoring.

Montreal is paying second-line players like Gomez and Gionta first-line money. Gionta can score when left wide open in the slot, I’ll give him that, but he’s proven that his 48 goal season was a fluke. He’s a 20-goal, 60 point guy and he’s that great of a defensive player.

I just found out that the cable provider in Reno, where I am currently stuck helping out an injured relative, won’t be offering Comcast Sports Net, which carries the games.
I caught a game while on a visit up here last year.
I’m rather pissed.

I don’t quite expect them to get back the Cup this year; but I, for one, am thrilled with the offseason for the Ducks. Gaining Pronger is a huge plus for Philly, but the players/draftpicks/cap flexibility the Ducks got in return was phenomenal. I look forward to many years of Getzy/Ryan/Perry/Lupul and a bunch of young talented defensemen coming through the pipeline.

Oops, skipped the part where I was talking about the Sharks. I think I may have found a sports bar that might work, but I can’t go there for all the games.

I am excited that hockey has returned and I look forward to the Flames hoisting the cup this spring:)
Gotta go, Flames/Canucks are about to start!

You have to get out of the first round first…

Winning a road playoff game would be a good start, really.

This season should be very interesting. I’d be surprised if both the Detroit Red Wings and the Pittsburgh Penguins make it back to the finals this year. Nothing against either team, but you have two short off seasons combined with a compressed schedule due to the Olympics which will of course feature prominent members of both teams.:eek: That’s a lot of hockey. Injuries and fatigue will likely take a toll on both teams.

And on the Red Wings (my team if you’ll forgive the possessive), I don’t think they’ll do as well this year as last even beyond the screwy schedule. Losing Hossa isn’t great, but I think the loss of Conklin, Kopecky, Samuelsson, and Hudler hurt more. Those were strong depth players. The Wings could survive the loss of a star player. We’ve got more (Zetterberg, Datsyuk, Lidstrom, and on the lower star end Kronwall and Franzen). It’s the depth that may suffer, and as I said above, this years schedule favors deeper teams. I like them to make the playoffs, but I’d be surprised to see them make the conference finals. Signing Bertuzzi, Eaves, and bringing back Williams are good moves. I just don’t know if some of our young players (I’m looking at you Jimmy Howard) are going to step up as big as they’ll need to.

Did San Jose finally add the missing piece in Dany Heatley? I’m gonna say no. Heatley was sulky because of his diminished role, but he’d be better served adding second line scoring. Thornton is such a strong set up man that I could score 30+ goals on his wing. That makes a pure goal scorer like Heatley so much lily gilding. Not a big fan of this move.

What is a fun move? Pronger heading east. I’ll be real glad not to see him four times a year plus playoffs. He’s not the biggest defenseman, but I’d certainly call him the dirtiest. I expect he’s going to make a big mess in the eastern conference. Hope ya’ll enjoy him.:smiley:

I’ll end this by offering my condolences to the Chicago Blackhawks, who not only signed Marian Hossa but also had him proclaim them to be the team with the best chance to win the Stanley Cup. On behalf of both the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Detroit Red Wings, better luck next year.:stuck_out_tongue:

Well, the Habs beat the Leafs in their first game, which is a good thing, IMHO, because the Leafs deserve to lose on basic principle! Carey Price won that game for the Habs tonight, though. Andrei Kostitsyn needs to stop crying over his baby brother’s bitching and moaning, and actually start DOING SOMETHING.

I knew Komisarek was considered to be dirty, but in my very short time watching hockey, I never noticed quite how dirty he was! I know he was trying to prove a point tonight, but DAMN! Truly frustrating when you’re on the other side of his assholishness!

The Flames’ uniforms truly look terrible on my TV. They’re all fuzzy.

The Flames’ old school jerseys might not look great, but I do like the looks of 3-0 at the end of the first period!:cool:

4-3 now. I can’t wait for tomorrow night.

It seems that ended at 5-3 for the Flames. I went to bed ‘cause it was late and it seemed one-sided, but it looks like it picked up a little for the Canucks in the last half. And it wasn’t the design of the Flames’ jerseys that bothered me: as long as they were standing still, it was ok. When they were moving, though, it’s like my TV couldn’t quite figure out what to do with all that red and yellow and things just became rather blurry. It was weird.

Well that didn’t take long. One game into the season and Montreal loses their top defenceman for 2-3 months. Losing Markov…that sucks. 58 and 64 points the last two years and he’s possibly out until the new year.

Damn. I like him, and he deserved more than half a game after last year’s injury. I suppose it gives an opportunity to the younger guys to step up, but he really does make a difference for the team. Why is it every time the Habs play the Leafs, someone ends up on the long-term injury list?

Here’s hoping it’s a quick recovery and he comes back in top form! Someone needs to get him a bubble-wrap uniform, though!

And the Canes lose 2-0. You gotta score if ya wanna win, guys. Also the instigator penalty is horseshit.

Did someone say 9 am hockey tomorrow morning? The NHL picked a good weekend to open the season with a relatively weak weekend in both college and pro football. Having all teams in action tomorrow will be a good thing for the NHL.

Watched my Penguins get back in action last night (and I ordered Center Ice, so I’ll get to see almost all the games this year, which will be nice). They looked good…great effort throughout the 60 minutes, which was the problem at the beginning of the year last year…looks like Bylsma managed to keep the good vibes flowing through the offseason, though to be fair: it’s a lot easier to get people to buy into your system whole hog when you’ve got a Stanley Cup in the back. :slight_smile: I love his offensive schemes…some great set plays off of faceoffs last night that opened up huge scoring opportunities. I really like his coaching. Hard to argue with the results… Jay McKee looks like he’s a great pickup. Losing Scuderi in the offseason worried me, but McKee seems like he could really fill that role well…blocking shots left and right, and at 1/4 the salary Scuderi would have cost. I also continue to be impressed with Tyler Kennedy, who started really turning my head during the playoff run last year, but continues to impress. He’s not as talented as some of the other players on the team, but dear lord, he never gives up on a puck. He was flying all over the ice. Fleury was also really impressive. A couple game saving saves, and I don’t know if anyone could have stopped the first Rangers goal. Very strong performance.

Anyway, a great start to the season. Tonight I get to flip back and forth between the Penguins and the Blue Jackets (which are my second team).

Canes lose again, 7-2. The 38 million dollar sieve is pulled, Cole wrecks his knee, more fights than a Pay per view MMA match(Chuck Kaiton, the Hurricanes radio announcer:“This is Carolina Hurricanes Boxing.”)