NHL November 2018

Any particular reason Winnipeg had an afternoon game today? Is there a Canadian holiday.

It definitely messed up with my fantasy teams.

No holiday that I’m aware of.

Sorry Guin, the Leafs destroyed the Penguins tonight.

Totally dominated the game.

Knights scored one goal each period for a 3-0 win. I like that scoring average!

Tell me about it. What is going ON with our team? We got our asses kicked by the Islanders the other night too. WTF? :frowning:

First coaching change of the year. The Kings have been horrible and fired their coach.

Well, the Islanders are on a six-game streak right now. The also one the second part of the home and home against the Pens, then beat the Devils 3-0. Their goalies have been super hot and I think Trotz has a done good things with their defensive play. Last season, they had the most goals against by far, and now they are towards the top of the list (so far – many more games to play, of course). They aren’t even relying on the Barzal line for their scoring.

All that said, watching them play the Pens was extremely nerve-wracking for me. Their first two lines are all-stars. Insane.

Number of days since last Senators embarrassment: 0

Aye; they checked themselves head first into the boards right there, eh.

And the Hawks can Quenneville.

Heard this at about 7:45 this morning, thanks to my NHL app. Wife picked up my phone after it buzzed and said something about Hawks getting new coach. Took me a few beats to process. “Wait, what? Like Blackhawks? Quenville’s out?” “Yes, that’s what the notification says.Some guy named Col…lit…ton is the coach now.” What the fuck? Ten years, three Stanleys, and you’re stuck with a skeleton of a team, why the fuck isn’t Bowman out and not Coach Q?

That was about what I thought too, pulykamell.

Ottawa should hire him.

I read a decent number of Chicago sports blogs and never seen any mention of an imminent firing. Perhaps if the entire season proves to be a disaster then they’d reach an agreement to part ways. This isn’t a team that’s massively underperforming and the new coach would shake things up and get them into the playoffs.

Yeah, this one surprised me, too. They’ve not been good this year (and never really got things figured out after Crawford went down last year, either), but one might have thought that a coach who’s delivered the success that Quenneville has would have gotten a longer leash.

I don’t follow the NHL closely, but it’s seemed like they’ve spent the past three-to-five years making some bad bets on which veterans to keep over time (other than Kane and Toews), versus which ones to let to go other teams in free agency. I agree, that should have been on Bowman’s head, not Q’s.

Yeah, that’s the thing. I like sports a good bit, but I kind of passively follow them these days, as there’s only so much mental space I have for it. But I haven’t heard anything about Coach Q’s job being in jeopardy. I mean, WTF is he supposed to do with this team? OK, they just had a skid, but I thought they were doing pretty well and even over performing. Ten games in and they had the seventh best record in the NHL, third in their conference, for a team that is supposed to do absolutely nothing this year. Nobody expects them to do anything this year. For the cards he was dealt, Q’s been doing great. But Bowman and Q are known (or at least rumored) to have a bit of a contentious relationship. Unfortunately, the wrong one went.

Caps-Pens last night. Pens outplayed them in everything except the score.

After five losses in a row Jim Rutherford was pretty pissed last night, threatening roster moves if the Pens don’t reverse things soon.

I’d have liked for Colliton to get a win but the Hurricanes just wouldn’t give up a 4th goal (let alone a 5th, presumably).

Still, the Knights beat the Senators, pushing us a little closer to the .500 mark, so there’s that. :smiley:

Last week Jason Spezza (35 years old) played in his 1000 career game. Last night Joe Thornton (39 years old) played in his 1500th game. Half as many games again as Spezza. That is just amazing durability.

The Wild just finished their 7 game road trip 5-2. They played some pretty bad teams for most of it, but road wins is road wins. I’ll take it.