NHL: October 2021

Just an odd little trivia tidbit - Guin might take note - the Pens are 34-16 without both Sid and Gino in the line-up.
Figure that one out.

Sheesh - second-winningest coach.
And the first - Scotty Bowman…his son Stan was involved in this, too.
Talk about tarnished legacies. (Well, Scotty shouldn’t take any heat for this, obviously, but still, the association won’t help)

From what I am hearing now Don Fehr, head of the NHLPA, is facing some serious scrutiny for his inaction with Beach.

One of the most ridiculous goals I’ve ever seen. Further proof that Connor is hands down the best player in most galaxies.
Sure, one could argue dozy D, with four cups scattered on the ice, but nah - just…jaw-dropping.
Already watched it maybe 15 times.

If that was a video game I’d say someone hacked it.

Knew I was forgetting something from my previous post, and it was an excoriation footnote of the Rangers’ defense for not doing something as basic as, um, taking the body, which is so unabashedly D 101. (However, with McDavid, I’ve seen how his superlative puck-handling skills absolutely hypnotize defensemen.) (Ole Middy - Rick Middleton - was always a joy to see embarrassing D, back with the Bruins.)

Florida lost in regulation, the last team in the league to hit that event.

Ovie tied Hull for fourth in goals and hit 600 assists in last night’s game.

Aw, and it happened against the Rangers. Shame.

Are the Rangers having a bad week, month, season? I see they lost 6-0 to the Flames. Things seem good in Flames town.

One can only hope!

Oh Ritter you Islanders type. :slightly_smiling_face:

Guilty as charged.

Hey, what do you expect – we’re the PENS, baby.

I couldn’t watch, tonight though. I don’t want to sound like I’m virtue signaling, but the whole Chicago thing just turns my stomach. I KNOW they’re not the only team that is guilty of this sort of shit. But I’m just too distracted by it, and I couldn’t enjoy it. :frowning:

(And I’m seriously, SERIOUSLY disappointed by the fact that Billy Guerin is involved. He’s always been one of my favorites.)

I just, for the first time 10 minutes ago on ESPN found out about the Odd All-Star game format. I don’t really care, so… I don’t really care. But seems kinda stupid.