NHL: Regular season playoff push 2016

Teams have 10-14 games to play. No Canadian teams currently in a playoff spot.

Most surprising thing about the season for me is how poorly Columbus has done. Last year they had early season injuries and fell in a hole but made a strong finish. I thought that might carry over.

I’m a little surprised at how well Florida is doing but I don’t follow them in detail so that was based more on mid-range history.

Columbus has done fairly well since Torts has taken over, Bobrovsky has been injured for about 2 months, just came back about a week ago.

That was me in the pre-season thread. Four of five were correct. Of course, picking four teams from a division to make the playoffs when the top three qualify automatically is not a great accomplishment.

The Senators seem intent on stringing me along. I’ve known for weeks now that realistically speaking, they’re out of the race. But they keep winning just enough games to keep it close, but not enough to actually make a move. At least we have our first this year.

Wouldn’t have guessed that by watching the Toronto/Detroit game Sunday night. Maple Leaf goalie earned his pay in that game.

Yeah, the Blue Jackets shot themselves in the foot, and then in the kneecap, and then in the gut with their horrendous start to the season. And they weren’t just unlucky, they were getting curb-stomped.