NHL season begins Jan 13 with new divisions

So, at the last possible second, the Blackhawks can now have fans. I guess it’s better than nothing although I have no idea how hard it is to restart arena operations and get employees for such a handful of NBA and NHL games

I seriously doubt the Canucks have any play-off chances now, being ten points back from a play-off spot, and thus could probably lop off a few games from their schedule, which won’t happen, so, it’ll be just a slog from hereon in.
Looked into it - couldn’t find anyhting - but I would be seriously surprised if the organization went unpenalized for trying to forfiet any games, even under these somewhat harrowing covid conditions.

Two tidbits from the Caps-Penguins game on Thursday. With an OT win by the Pens both teams clinched a playoff spot. It is the 15th consecutive year for Pittsburgh, the longest active streak in the four professional leagues. The Penguins have won all regular season OT games versus the Capitals since Oct 2011.

It would be a seismic event in pro sports, a whole franchise refusing to play league scheduled games. I wouldn’t blame them, either.

ISTM there’s a difference being “refusing to” and “being unable to” for practical definitions of unable.

I’m not following the details closely enough to know where the things sit on the spectrum from physical impossibility, extreme logistical difficulty, vast inconvenience and minor real harm, or simply inconvenience and extra expense.

But from the noises I have read, is seems we’re pretty far to the earlier, harder part of my crude taxonomy.

There is ONE game today? On a Sunday? Very weird scheduling.

Wow, the New York Rangers are quite outspoken on their official Twitter account about the lack of suspension for Tom Wilson, don’t think I’ve ever seen a team be so brazen.

Do you blame them?

I sure don’t.

But usually official team accounts are pretty restrained, I thought it was a photoshop until I double checked the official Rangers feed and made sure it was from the blue checked account.

Maybe the NHL has given a nod to allow teams to be a bit more feisty on Twitter, definitely helps with rivalries.

I can’t believe the Oilers have cinched a playoff berth. McDavid and Draisatl are both having amazing short seasons. McDavid got four points last night. 91 points in 50 games.

Well, the Rangers have made a splash. Fired both the President and GM today. Oh, and the Rangers play the Capitals tonight!

Wilson should’ve gotten some suspension time as well. Hopefully NY makes sure he answers the bell tonight - most likely with one of the Brendans - either Smith or Lemieux. Particularly this - quite childishly douche-like.

Whoa the greatest planet in the solar system Connor McDavid has something stupid like 25 points in 25, um, periods.

This is just bizarre, because they’ve done a great job of packing the Rangers with talent, both from trades and from picks. They should have fired the coach instead, who couldn’t get all of that talent moving in the same direction.

After coming off a 7 game suspension for another dirty hit, he should be suspended at least for the first round of the playoffs, possibly for the entire playoffs, and maybe even indefinitely.

Brendan Lemieux is no longer with the Rangers. Connor McDavid is unbelievable.

Ah yes, went to the Kings last month. :man_facepalming:

Also - that Rangers statement, yeah, was heavy-handed in calling for an official’s resignation.
For an incident that, yes, obviously crossed the line, so did the letter.

The Caps and Rangers resolved this in Wednesday’s game with six fights, six misconducts and 121 total penalty minutes.

As you predicted, the remaining Brendan went right after Wilson, like fifty seconds into the game.

And although the Rangers may have won the Twitter wars, the Caps won the game and are heading to the playoffs. The Rangers are down a President, GM and will be playing golf soon.

Marc-Andre Fleury is now 3rd on the all time win list of goaltenders, having surpassed Roberto Luongo, at 490. 62 more wins, and he’ll beat Patrick Roy for 2nd place. fingers crossed GO FLOWER!!!

(And now FOUR goals for Jeff Carter!!! We haven’t seen that since Chris Kunitz in 2013!)

Useless fuckhead Dolan better come up with an explanation SOON as to why he axed Davidson and Gorton.
Because they didn’t have an enforcer to step up to Wilson? That’s the ony thing I can think of, and that’s weaksauce. Firing a president and GM over that - nah, that ain’t gonna wash.
A little spidey sense something tells me that JD might not know a whole lot about hoooky.