NHL - September 2018

OK, I know it’s preseason, but since a spammer bumped the previous April thread, I thought we should start conversing about the upcoming season.

The Karlsson situation in Ottawa is interesting, to say the least. Hoffman was shipped out of town, and it remains to be seen which one of the wives is delusional.


Technically from August, but Dmitry Orlov and the Stanley Cup being serenaded by flamethrowers should tide us over for a while.

Nate Schmidt has been suspended for 20 games after testing positive for PED.

20 Games. For such a tiny amount, it most likely came from some cold medicine or something like that.

How many games do guys get when they’re arrested for domestic abuse, sexual assault, DUI, etc?

But hey, at least Schmidt stands for the anthem.

I can report from Philadelphia the hype for the Flyers is at an all time low. The Eagles won the Super Bowl, so the old “Eagles suck, drop the puck” joke doesn’t work anymore because ALL anyone cares about are the Birds, with the Sixers second, and even the failing Phillies have a shot at the wild card. I THINK they made a free agent signing or two but like I said, with the other three sports dominating headlines, no one cares and I can’t even tell you what they are, and I like hockey. There’s more buzz about the soccer team than the Flyers right now. Even sadder, it will take a DEEP playoff run waaaaaay in April 2019 to get this town buzzing again.
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Big rumors(big in Detroit at least) Are that Yzerman has resigned as GM of the lightning. And said he is coming back home.

Yep. He has indeed resigned. I think the next announcement is a given

Pacioretti is now a Golden Knight. I see the Taylor Hall thing, where a high-profile player moves from a fishbowl under a microscope to a city where he’s completely anonymous and there’s about six trillion tons less pressure, and performs awesomely. Had the hugest, dopey grin throughout a TimandSid interview today. I’ll be surprised if he’s not back to 30-goal form this season.

He’s gonna be a good fit with the Knights, too.

Considering the way Flyers fans behaved when they lost during the play-offs, I’m surprised. That was disgusting.

Last night the Humboldt Broncos played their first game of the season, and the first game since the bus crash.

The after game ceremony sure brought a tear to my eye.

Karlsson traded to the Sharks for garbage. Fuck this team, fuck Dorion and most of all, fuck Melnyk. I hope the team averages sub-10K attendance this year.

Sounds like San Jose cleaned up.

That Puts Karlsson in play for the off season, Should be fun to watch.(I hope at least, these days top players in their prime just don’t go free agent, and the Off season is barely worth paying attention to anymore).

Maybe Mario could work something out with Matt Cooke, and arrange a little “accident”. :wink:

Sleeping with the sharks?

My crystal ball is often cloudy, but what the heck:

Now that the Blue Jackets have given coach John Tortorella a two-year contract extension (through 2020-21), I predict that this season they’ll regress significantly, and he’ll get fired before the end of 2019.

I’m hoping my Devils make a showing this year, but then I haven’t really been paying attention that much the past few years. Maybe I’ll make it a point to watch a few games. . .

Denver ain’t that far.

Eugene Melnyk is just such a disaster. He plays the fool and thinks he plays the genius.

The Karlsson trade is bad and in retrospect the Matt Duchene trade is horrible, but worse is yet to come.

Fuck. It sounds like Zetterberg may have to retire with his back issues. :frowning:

The Blackhawks have started practice, and while Corey Crawford is skating and doing drills, he’s still not practicing with the team. He hasn’t played since last December, the team stating that he’s continued to suffer from an “upper body injury” which has never been further defined.