NHL - September 2018


“Ken Holland announced that after consulting with Doctors, Henrik Zetterberg is no longer healthy enough to play professional hockey.”

Honestly no one should be surprised. when they said he hadn’t been able to train or practice at all during the off season, the writing was on the wall.

Sure does. Go Sharks!

Don’t worry, as the Sens will be in prime position to draft Jack Hughes after the season!

Make that the Avs will be in prime position to draft Jack Hughes after the season with the pick the Sens them for Duchesne!

Oh, well. Maybe Dorion can get a first rounder from someone when he unloads Stone and Duchesne (for a lot less than what he paid for him) at the deadline. And to think: a year ago the Sens’ biggest concern was moving Ryan’s albatross of a contract. Now, they will probably have to keep him around just so they can make the salary floor.

PS- Pageau out for six months with a torn Achilles, although there’s been no indication that Matt Cooke was involved.

I’m not a Sens fan, but I’ve seen almost every player in the organization come up through Binghamton. It’s kind of painful to watch an org self-destruct like this.

Austin Watson of the Preds just got 27 games for his involvement in a DV incident and Slava Voynov is still out on indefinite suspension after three years for his DV arrest and jail time.

Update: in a press conference today, Crawford acknowledged that he had suffered a concussion, and is still dealing with post-concussion effects.

Even if Ottawa finishes dead last, the chances of that pick being #1 is quite low – something like 18.5% (thanks, Edmonton). Still, Colorado still got a great pick in exchange for a player Ottawa’s going to have to unload for cents on the dollar by the deadlock.

I would like the record to show that I hated the trade from the moment it was made

Not sure what the latest is on Ottawa getting a new rink in LeBreton Flats.
I guess in order to avoid a “Purge”/“28 Days Later”-like revolt, hopefully soon!
It’s possible Craig Anderson could set a record this season in facing shots.

Curious how Babcock will work Tavares in. There’s bucketloads of young scoring talent on the Leafs, but their defense, though, is still a concern. Jake Gardiner is better in his zone than he used to be, but still a work in progress.

Well that’s something like. I guess I’m’ thinking of the NFL, where you get about four games for DUI, but suspended until the playoffs if they think you’re doping.

Not surprising, but such a bummer. To compensate, I’m going to jump on the Filip Zadina bandwagon and say that he will most definitely be the best player to ever strap on skates.

Leafs and Senators exhibition game from small town Ontario tonight, and it’s televised!

Tomorrow night they’re in Ottawa, and I’m going. I haven’t been this pumped for a Leafs season in 20 years.

Tavares: Two goals in preseason debut for Leafs.

Yep. This is going to be fun.

Dumbest thing in the NHL is blacking out the preseason games on NHL.TV

I don’t watch a lot of preseason but it would be an way to grow interest in the upcoming season.

Locan gooooood

Here’s a good article about referee Wes McCauley (with a fun video) to help get ready for 101.

Sitting in Hockeytown Cafe, quaffing an IPA before I walk over to LCA for Wings vs. Penguins.

That totally fucking rocks!

Yeah, bought into a season ticket pool this year and this was one I drew.

Switch in a better beer(like the Atwater Vanilla Java Porter in my hand) and that’s a perfect Sept evening.


Fuck that shit!