NHL 103 - December 2019

Let’s start a new thread for December.

Reported to append “NHL” to the thread title. Oops.



I’d just like to forget tonight even happened. It was Star Wars Night, but obviously the Force was NOT with us. :frowning:

Sharks fire their coach as well on the heels of the unexpected notice out of Dallas. I’m sure we’ve had this many coaching changes early on but it sure seems like a lot before the New Year.

Yet Jeff Blashill still has a job. Goal differential of -62 and it’s only December.

You can run this thread for any month you want, but it’s all pretty much the same for our beleaguered Blackhawks. Next to last in the conference with a whopping 6 overtime losses, it looks like just another year out of the playoffs for this team. You have to wonder at this point if we shouldn’t try to make a blockbuster trade or two using Kane and/or Toews before their skills and value begin to markedly decline and get some super talented youth in return.

Top two goal scorers. Too two Teams in standings points. Just the sort of game to disappoint fans. But Bruins vs Caps last night was as good as expected. 3-2 Caps victory with each team controlling stretches of play.

Last night it went in favor of the team I like but I don’t like the off-sides challenge rule. If a goal is scored on the initial entry, I can see it. In this case they had played twenty seconds and the defense had been established after a blocked shot.

Some idle (and entertaining) speculation on why the Stars fired Jim Montgomery.

That’s some funny shit! :smiley:

Taylor Hall was just traded to Arizona. No link to follow yet. I just heard this on TSN.

Is there a list of NBCSN games? I’d love to figure out the last time the Islanders game aired there, not including the playoffs.

Too bad about Hall. The Islanders were supposedly in the running.

NBCSN and NBC pretty much ignore all but a few teams. The good thing for the Islanders is that the occasionally get picked up as an opponent for the Pens, Rangers, Caps, or Flyers.

It must sucks for NBC that three of their favorite teams haven’t been good lately. The Blackhawks, Red Wings, and Rangers have been weak.

Looks like their last game on NBCSN was January 3, 2019 vs. Chicago.

Thanks! Looks like they get about one game per season on the national broadcast, since I don’t think they have any games scheduled on NBCSN before January, 2020.

That was some thrashing last night! Next, the Isles have to face the Bruins in Boston – hopefully, this won’t be the start of a losing streak.

And last night, 19 y.o. Andrei scored his second lacrosse goal. Never attempted in the NHL. And for good reason, because if he tries it a third time, he might find his head in the sixth row. And when that happens, I’ll laugh at all the indignant tweets whining about said head removal.
Sure, pretty for instagram, but the old-timers aren’t really taking a shine. I suppose you could argue, well, let the game evolve, new shots, and stuff.
Still. Keep your head up, A.

Evgeni Malkin scored his 400th goal last night! :smiley:

They’re playing tonight on NBCSN against the Bruins. After Tuesday’s destruction, I’m just hoping the loss isn’t too bad.

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