NHL Strike settled. All 3 fans rejoice.


  NEW YORK/TORONTO (July 13, 2005) -- The National Hockey League and the National Hockey League Players’ Association have reached an agreement in principle on the terms of a new Collective Bargaining Agreement.

  Details of the new Agreement will not be made available publicly pending the formal ratification process by the NHLPA Members and the NHL Board of Governors.

  It is anticipated that the ratification process will be completed next week, at which time the parties will be prepared to discuss the details of the Agreement and plans for next season. No further comment will be made until then.


I do like the Minnesota Wild Jerseys, so at least those will be around again. I like the CCCP jersey’s too though.

What is this “hockey” thing that you speak of?

There are still uninformed louts out there who think it was a strike?

I believe it is a type of Eastern European salad, involving kale and paprika.

Hey, I’m hopeful! But yeah, I wouldn’t be too upset if it hadn’t worked out…

About the only thing that’ll happen now is that Toronto sports fans might be stirred from their watching of cricket, lacrosse, soccer, sumo, baseball, and/or basketball.

They’ll yawn, and then go hack to wondering whether the Yomiuri Giants will be successful in their challenge of the Miami Heat for the Grey Cup.

Yay! I now have something to carry me through between the end of football (week 8 for this Giants fan) and spring training. This past was a long winter.

I am glad that it is over. And like I had predicted, the owners got what they wanted- in fact it may be more than they wanted.

Does this mean that I have to change my location?

No, that will work until the Cup is handed out again. Unless you live in the HHOF, in which case you’d never have to change it.

Sooo… are you suggesting that Toronto fans don’t know anything about NBA basketball, baseball or CFL football? The city that set the MLB record for single season attendance until them cheaters in Colorado with their football-sized stadium and $1 tickets came along? :dubious:

I was at a couple of Raptors home games this year, and it shore din’ look like there was any lack of interest.

No, I’m siggesting that those interests, along with the others mentioned, have been given a walloping good chance to eclipse the interest for hockey in the young.

And the climate change isn’t helping.

I have a feeling it’ll be a long-term loss of interest, similar to after the basebal strike in the nineties.

Heh. I call it a pre-emptive lockout by the owners to force the players to the table and take their medicine.

Bloomberg’s story.

If factual, then that was pretty hard medicine for the players to swallow.

There’s going to be hockey again?


It’s the only sport worth watching. (Okay, I’m watching the Tour de France as well, but never mind that) In fact, pretty much the only time I watch TV is when there’s a Sharks game on. So I’m excited. I was worried that hockey might just go away entirely.

Let’s just hope there aren’t any snags in between their “agreement in principle” and the final ratification.

Hah, I scooped you in Cafe Society. We’ve been doing the happy dance there.

I hope the greatest casualty in this matter is the players’ agents.
Q. Why do they bury sports players’ agents 20 feet down?
A. Because deep down, they’re nice guys!
–Jim Healey (R. I. P. :()

Maybe athletes and team owners need a serious wake-up call. What would happen if FANS went on strike?
I remember reading that Fenway Park (Boston) is the most expensive major league ballpark. A typical family of 4 would end up spending about $250 to see one ball game. Wow what a dilemma - what’s a fan to do about facing these outrageous prices? Darned if I know. :smiley: