Niagara Falls haunted house: what's scary?

The people in the video seem quite terrified of something on the floor…?

Has anyone been here? What’s the deal?

Here’s a YouTube link:

Nightmares Fear Factory

According to research my husband did (he loves those reaction pictures) it’s the end of the house. You’re walking down a pitch black hallway when suddenly a car horn blares, there’s engine and crashing noises and two lights make it look like a car is about the run you over. There’s a flash when they take the picture. I like to think my reaction would be to jump or run out of the way, not stand there and scream, but in the pitch dark, who knows?

Those photos are AWESOME. There’s one toward the end of the 'top photos for September" that has a girl trying to climb her mom. I nearly peed myself laughing.

Some of those are pretty funny–I’m particularly tickled by some of the panic-hugs. Am I the only one who’d like to browse through some of the pictures that didn’t make the cut? I imagine there are a lot with non-family-friendly reactions, as well as a lot of people who just shrug it off.

(Disclosure: I make for the worst thrill-ride type pictures ever. I always look bored. The last time I rode a roller coaster, one of my companions saw the pic on screen and asked if I was actually asleep on the ride.)

One of the girls in the next to last shot for September clearly knew what was coming, and seems to be getting a laugh at the others’ expense.

Years ago when I was in high school and for a few years afterwards, we had a Hallowen haunted house in a friend’s basement. It actually became pretty popular around town and we would have hundreds of people coming through.

There were several rooms in his basement and we’d have a different skit or scenario in each room. We’d lead groups of trick or treaters through it just like at a professional haunted house.

One year he rigged a camera to take a picture of each group at just the right moment of one of the skits.

He got a bunch of pictures that were exactly like the ones in that video. People were screaming and grabbing each other and covering their faces. :smiley:

Those pictures are hilarious - I was having fun browsing through the other day. Evidently a lot of the people are already holding onto each other because it’s mostly pitch black in there, just with glowing arrows on the floor to lead you onward. (I did notice a couple pics where a dude seemed to be taking the opportunity to grab his partner’s boobs.)

So I watched the linked video (thanks a freaking lot, btw), and this was one of the linked videosfrom that page. It shows two guys filmed with an infrared camera in a similar haunted house. So watching that, what I want to know is this:

How often do the performers in these haunted houses get punched, kicked, elbowed in the face, or at least shoved violently? Because if I was keyed up, in the dark, and I felt someone come up behind me like that, or come at me from the side, there’s a definite chance I’d lash out automatically, and I bet there are a lot of people more likely to than I am.

(Oh, and I have a dream: one day, I will visit the Fear Factory with my husband, and we shall pretend to be contemplatively playing chess at the moment the camera catches us.)

That is one of the best screaming faces of all time. That’s great.

We walked by it this summer & my 15 year old out-and-out chickened out. Thank you for this thread so I can see what I missed. :wink: