Nic2004 RIP buddy

Boy this is a bad week to be a doper.
This morning I got the following email

Nic joined our little band of posters back in 2004. Never a huge number poster, when he did post it was always worth reading.
Nic and I became friends IRL back in 2006 or there abouts. I had posted in a recipe thread, and he sent me a private message about how to cook chicken on the grill. Several emails were exchanged, and I think I can tell you the exact time we became friends, I had sent him a recipe, he wrote back that they were boarding up for a hurricane and he would try it after the storm was past. I wrote back I don’t think I have ever said this to a man, but here is hoping you don’t get a blow job
After that we were buddies. When I retired he invited myself and my wife to come visit them in Flordia, and we went and spent a week there. Nic has a lovely family, with a wife who thought he was nuts to invite somebody he had never seen to come stay with them for a week. Turns out we had a great time, and Nic convinced us to go visit St. Augustine. Turned out that this was the highlight of our trip. Nic and I kept talking about doing it again, but never got around to it. Damn.
Nic was a biker, old school. Not a Johnny come lately, he was from the days of when you gathered the parts and built your bike by hand. One night when we were visiting I asked him to explain the difference between two types of Harleys. I got a complete lesson how how to build a Harley engine. He paid for his hobby. He lost a leg riding his bike and based on what I got in the mail, possibly his life. Recently he and several of his buddies were featured in a Sarah Darling video. Nic can be seen at the beginning of the video sitting at the bar with a blue hat on. He sent me pictures of all of the guys in the video, I printed one of them and told my boss that they were my new crew. Bosses response? :eek:

Just last night my wife and I were telling friends about Nic his family and how we wanted to go back to St. Augustine.
Damn I have to stop now, my eyes are starting to leak.
My heart goes out to Nancy and David.

This is horrible! Nic and I got to be friends via email and then all of a sudden I didn’t hear from him anymore. :frowning: He was such a wonderfully sweet person and loved both his Nancy and David very much. I’ll miss him terribly and may his loved ones find peace.



I declare a moratorium on Dopers dying effective NOW,

This sucks, I remember his name, but not a lot about his posts. Reading now, he seems like someone I’d have like to have met.

Also on a side note: I think I’ve become a Sarah Darling fan.

Just. . .damn! :frowning:

My word! I’m sorry to hear this, but I am heartened a bit that he went out doing something he loved.

My condolences to all his family and friends.

Thirded. Seriously, what the fuck is going on?! :(:frowning:

My heartfelt condolences.

Deltona? That’s just down the road from me. I went to Deltona Junior High School.


silenus said it :(:(:frowning:

I didn’t know him at all, but man! Enough is enough!

His family is in my prayers.


Did he die in a crash? Or did he die some other way “while riding” as the obituary says - a heart attack or something? It’s not clear from the wording.

TOO MUCH DEATH! is the only response I have to this.

It’s crappy to have three such threads. It’s indeed a sad time.

I don’t know. I was wondering that myself. I will call his wife in a day or so to find out.


What a sad week for us Dopers.

Seems to me I remember him from some photo threads (he’s one of the bearded ones in the video, right?).

Condolences to his family.

My condolences to his friends and family.

I’m getting very tired of typing that. :frowning:

Tell me about it. I don’t remember chatting with Nic2004 myself, but I’m sorry for the loss for his family and for the community here.