Nice burps.

I keep burping, and the burp smells of the dinner I had today - Chicken Kiev.

I enjoyed it and each burp smells like chicken kiev (specifically the garlicy sauce within)

Does this happen to you? What memorable meal are you burping?

I enjoy my farts too :smiley:


No, but if I eat enough BBQ flavored potato chips, my farts smell EXACTLY like them. It’s glorious. :smiley:

I want to know more about the Chicken Kiev (pre-digested).

Not burps or farts, but I love smelling garlic and basil on my hands when I am prepping them for something. Just something about the combination that is amazing. I don’t bother using lemon juice or salt to get rid of the smell … I will sit there and occasionally sniff my hands. It would probably make a sucky candle scent though.

Taking that first leak at work after drinking a really strong latte.
Espresso scented urine is nice!:slight_smile:
On the other hand asparagus scented urine is nasty.:frowning:

Yeah. Hell, I’d get that from coffee-flavored Slim-Fast.

My favorite: Ikea Swedish meatball burps!