Nice collection of WWII Poster Art - Worth a look!

Around 80 images of classic WWII Poster art compressed into a 2 meg zip file. Reall neat posters! As 60 year old government posters I assume these are public domain.

WWII Poster art

Cool stuff. How’d you find it?

Loose lips, sink ships!

Nice find!

I love WWII propaganda! Will unzip when I get home. Any good sites with stuff from both the Axis and Allies?

Northwestern has an excellent collection online. None better than this one, IMO. :wink:

While on the topic, does anyone know a good site that has WWII news reels that can be viewed/downloaded?

Oh man! Before we went pay to post, a member e-mailed me fttp links to some sound bites he had. I’ll try to see if I can track down the old thread, cause I lost last year’s e-mail addy’s in a crash/update.

Well, at least now we know what Sam Stone looks like, eh?


Finally got around to seeing The Spanish Prisoner this week (great film!), and that exact same poster was in the background of some of the scenes at company headquarters.