Where's a good place for hard to find posters?

Every now and again, I’ll see a couple photographs or a poster that really catches my attention, but it’s virtually impossible to find them for sale anywhere. Site’s like allposters.com and other mainstream ones are completely useless, so I’m just curious, where are some places you look when you want to find one of those hard to find photographs/posters?

allposters.com has a good selection.

I’d try e-bay or hook up with a collector’s site. If you have the name of the poster, google it. I bet you’d find lots of options that way.

I hope there are other options, because there’s one (movie) I’ve been looking for and haven’t found via allposters, ebay, or just plain googling.

Which one? Betcha one of us Dopers can find it for you.

It’s the movie Ice Cream Man, starring Clint Howard.

So far, I’ve found one place that has it, but they’re out of stock. You might be able to special order it, from a link on that page. I’ll keep looking.

I emailed them to ask them how much it would be if they did have it… so we’ll see. I think I may have looked at that site before, but since they didn’t have it, I moved on.

You weren’t kidding about it being hard to find! And why do 80% of the sites claiming to sell posters actually link back to allposters.com? Grrrrrrr.

Trying the Otto method there clayton_e?

I like how I mention that “allposters.com is useless”, and the first suggestion is allposters.com.

I managed to find a site a long time ago with a great print from Marilyn Monroe’s shoot “The Last Sitting,” and an ebay search managed to pull a couple of other smaller prints up, but it’s the same two over and over again. So, obviously, there are a few prints out there, but google searches and all the trendy places don’t have anything but the same thirty or so posters, none of them what I’m looking for. The site I got mine off of was a collector’s site, I believe, but it was so long ago, I don’t remember what link it was. Does anyone else know of any other such links online?

A good place to locate hard to find posters?

You could try checking here

Jerry Ohlinger’s Movie Material Store in New York City. ( I think he’s on 14th Street) I cannot Google him while on SDMB ( damned Macintosh/I.E. ). However, they are listed and doubtless have a Web presence. Jerry’s is without question one of the most exhaustingly in depth collections. He has One-Sheets ( standard sized movie poster ) as well as half sheets, two sheets, lobby cards and black and white stills.

You can’t find it?? Jerry has it. He will have seven of them, in varying degrees of condition. Amazing place.



Where’s a hard place to find good posters?
Where’s a good place to find hard posters?
To posters: Where’s a good hard place to find?


MovieGoods replied to my request for information:

Well, that’s pretty helpful, since I didn’t realize it was a straight-to-video movie. I’ll send him my day info. You never know. (The only reason I want it is that my brother specifically asked for it for Christmas one year - for some reason, it’s one of his favorites.)