Help me find this poster!

On the Design Within Reach site, there is an image of an Eames recliner, with a poster on the wall. Despite a lot of Googling, we’ve been unable to find this poster, and I wonder if someone from the Dope could do better? The only thing I haven’t done before is actually email DWR to ask them (I’ve done this today though).

Are you talking about the Venice poster? Regata Storica means Historical Regatta.

Yeah - the Venice poster. I did lots of searches for the words, the date etc on poster websites (repro and vintage) but no dice.

I can’t find it either. It’s possibly rare, and probably was found in either a second hand, or exclusive, gallery.

Am I the only one who saw the thread title and thought she was looking for a long-absent Doper?

Yeah, I was thinking Phaedrus

Why not call DWR and see if they can tell you? They (or their ad agency) probably set up the photo shoot…

I’ve emailed them, but haven’t heard back. I live in Australia, so calling them was going to be a last resort.