nice footage: lab chimps seeing sunlight for the first time

:slight_smile: made me smile - hope it’s not been posted on here before.

I didn’t get any sound. If they didn’t have sound, they should have added Also Sprach Zarathustra as a soundtrack.

“…They were rescued in 1997 after the pharmaceutical company behind the research was sold and taken to a farm where keepers have since tried to reintroduce them to the outside world.
It is only now that experts felt the time was right and the chimps were ready to experience fresh air.”


So, what…they’re 14 years into their rescue, and they’re only now seeing sunlight?

I dunno, Biffer_Spice. NOTHING about this story made me smile. The chimps look confused and fearful to me.

I wonder if the smiles and hugs were threat displays.

14 years… that’s almost half their average lifespan in the wild. what kind of rescue is that? did they think those were vampire chimps?

A chimp’s “play face” consists of jutting out its chin, showing its lower teeth, and grunting - none of which is seen here.

That “smile” to which you refer - the baring of teeth - isn’t a sign of pleasure. It’s one of fear, and I’m sure if the video had audio, we would be able the hear the accompanying high pitched sounds.

The hugging is more likely for comfort and reassurance than “joy”.

The video might be old (dating back from, say, 1998)

Interesting that they were ‘taken to a farm’ yet this was their first time in the ‘fresh air’. I call shenanigans.