Nice guy Christian Bale is visiting the shooting victims in the hospital. Warner Bros is quick to

note that he is on his own.

What a nice guy.

Well, except for when he’s being a complete asshole in film production.

Everyone has a bad day at work from time to time; most of us just don’t have cameras on us.

Most of us also don’t get paid millions per job.

You know what? He didn’t owe any of those people who got shot jack shit. He got paid for doing the movie, and he’s done. It’s too damn bad some nut job maimed and killed a whole lot of people who came to see a movie he was in, but when it comes right down to it, it’s not his fault or his problem.

But … he decides to take time out of his busy schedule and try to make the lives of the people who were directly affected, not psuedo affected, a little less shitty by going to visit them in the hospital. Maybe just maybe he can make what happened to them 1% less traumatic by showing up in person, so he does it on his own damn dime. I can’t imagine that was easy since even though none of what happened was remotely his fault, he probably feels awful about what happened. But … he’s a pro and he takes on the cost and emotional toll of doing a charitable act like this and all you can do is mention that one incident??? Shame on you Bees.

No one is making you go see blockbuster movies.

I can honestly say I was not expecting a full on Christian Bale dick sucking after my first post.

How hard do you have to work at being a dick?

It’s okay to have different opinions, but please refrain from personal attacks on each other when expressing them. Take any namecalling of each other to the Pit, please.

twickster, Cafe Society moderator

I’m sure he’s a lovely guy but he’s also protecting his job/brand/studio etc.

It’s a classy thing to do.

Yes, he’s clearly a humanitarian of the highest order, with no ulterior motive (a wee bit of good publicity most certainly never crossed his pure, noble mind) and I am sure is duly mortified to find that his kindheartedness is being lauded in the press, as befits a humble, modest Man Of Means.

Will he be visiting in full costume? You know, Black mask, body armor, black cape?

Cause that would be _really_cool.

Judging by the photo I suspect that Anne Hathaway in full Catwoman costume would have had an even warmer reception…

Lets just say he came be both?

Nice thing to do but let’s not beatify him or his studio.

So it would have been better if he didn’t show up?

I’m not seeing what action he could have taken where you couldn’t call him a douche.

I have no idea if he’s a douche or a paragon of pure, unadulterated human decency, (never seen any of his work) but in my opinion, to think he showed up with absolutely no thought of getting some good PR and some much-needed positive attention for his new moovie seems a bit naive to me, but I realize that is just my personal opinion, and I am certainly under no illusion that Mr. Bale gives a mollyfock what I think about him…

And I am guessing that there are many victims currently in the hospital who are thrilled to have him visit them, so if for nothing else, it’s good that he is there, even if his motive is 110% completely, totally self-serving on his part.

Truly altruistic acts are vanishingly rare. Regardless of motive, this was a classy move on Bale’s part.

I just want to note that he made no announcement of his trip, there was no press alert, and any pics have been taken except for personal cell pics.

I think it’s really cool of him.

You know if I was injured and in pain, I do not think I would very much like having some publicity grubbing celebrity coming around and bugging me, and being expected to be grateful, like he was Jesus come to heal me with his charisma or something. Maybe if I happened to be a huge Christian Bale fan, I might like it, but, hard as you might find it to believe, most people aren’t (even if they go to his movies sometimes). Most people care about, at most, a small handful of celebrities, and don’t give a rat’s ass about most of them.