Nice to know the Roman Catholic Priests don't have a corner on the market.

Hey, let’s everyone grope a woman’s breast on live television because hey - you’re a Bishop and what the fuck !

Classy move there, Bishop. How exactly would Miss Aretha have taken this?

The Bishop is a big jerk, but does a grope of a 25 year old actually equate to sexually assaulting kids and having the priests superiors cover it up for decades?

Yes, systemic abuse is worse than a single act. But, so what?

For one thing, this guy was very practiced at what he did. He’s been doing it for a while. And yet he’s been allowed to stick around in his church. And, based on my experience with these types, they don’t really care about age, so he’s probably at least groped teens with boobs.

So, while it’s not as bad as multiple people doing it and a systematic coverup, and he’s hopefully not a pedophile, it’s still of the same ilk.

So, the thread title is a rather silly comparison in the end. It would be easy enough to pit this asshole bishop on his own without a grossly out of proportion comparison.

Now to the rest of your post, WTF? You have “experience with these types”? Must you always be a complete fucking ass and waste of carbon?