Nickname Nominations

Mr. Bus Guy stated that he has no nickname (in the MMP IceCream thread).

I suggest: “Ralph”.

Any other suggestions for MBG or any other non-nicknamed Dopers?

Bob! Let’s call him Bob.
Or Hal Briston. And Hal Briston could be Polycarp, and Polycarp could be Skipmagic

I like Spanky!

Or how about Don? He looks kind of like an old Mafia guy. Just put him in a suit?

Don Bus!

Is that Ralph, as in Kramden? Not bad. But what is wrong with just MBG?
Next you will want a nickname for LOUNE*instead of his initials. :wink:


***Least Original User Name Ever **

Hal Briston could be Polyovid…

Let’s call him Wheels.

Can I be Anaamika?

Yeah. Helen Wheels.

What sort of sick sexual fantasy are you trying to conjure up in me? GET OUTA MY HEAD!

someone (i think it was Spatial Rift 47) (and he already has a slew of nicknames) suggested Senor Autobus Muchacho to which I replied “we’ll call him SAM

Make that two for Spanky.

Now I am thinking about MBG playing the children’s song the “Wheels on the Bus go round and round.”
Someone turning to him and saying “Play it again Sam”


I’d actually originally thought of Wheels, but then the wheelchair connotation turned me off…

I need a nickname!

What for, Ape Dude?

Howzabout Mickey? You know, Micky Dolenz was a Monkee…

Kalhoun is my real nickname. I assumed Mr. Bus Guy’s was Mr. Bus Guy. It’s a good nickname. Close friends can drop the “Mr.”… “Hey Bus Guy! Pick up a 12-pack on your way back from the grade school!” I like it!

[scotty]That’s tellin’ 'em, Spank.[/scotty]

Well, I wasn’t, but since you mentioned it, care to share?

Well, you came up with it!

And if Jayn_Newell is going to be me, I want to be Diossa Bellisima. I just like the name!

LiveOnAPlane, slinks off, head bowed in shame…