Nicknames you've been given

I spent 11 years in the Navy, and moreso than any other group I’ve been associated with, sailors seem to love giving each other nicknames. Aviators, of course, have their callsigns (like Maverick and Ice Man from Top Gun) and sometimes the nicks have to do with their jobs (like the electrician called “Sparks”) or maybe where they’re from (Tex.)

Well, my nick was none of those. I got mine from Pete (whose real name was Terry) - he gave nicknames to a bunch of us in the avionics shop. For example, Grant was called Stoney, because, as Pete said, “He looks like a Stoney.”

Can’t argue with that, I guess.

My friend Val was called Susie, short for Susie Homemaker because one day, as part of our usual preflight routine, she was running the vacuum cleaner in the avionics bay to minimize dust that could clog the cooling fans. Safety required that techs wear hearing protection (Mickey Mouse ears) because between the noise of the power generator and the vacuum cleaner in the confined cabin, it could do some damage.

So while Val was in there happily cleaning (the planes were pretty clean anyway, since we had to do this daily), Ray came into the plane, and switched off the vacuum. Meanwhile, Val coildn’t hear a thing, and she continued to move the hose along the corners of the avionics bay. She turned around to see Ray who had a big ol’ shit-eatin’ grin as he reached down and turned the vacuum back on. Naturally, he ran back to the shop to tell everyone, including Pete, who gave Val her new name.

One night (I worked mids for a year), I was assigned to Pete’s crew and we were troubleshooting a particularly annoying system. All of the easy tricks, like swapping out known good parts for suspected bad ones, not only didn’t work, but the problems kept changing. I said, two or three times, “Why don’t we swap out the power supply?” only to be told that the power supplies almost never went bad. But we ran out of things to try, and wouldn’t you know, it turned out to be a bad power supply.

Back in the shop, Pete was telling the Chief what we’d done and how we’d finally fixed it. He even gave me credit by saying “And Fred here figured it out!”

*Fred?? *Girly parts aside, there was nothing in any of my names that even remotely resembled Fred, but Pete completely blanked on my name that night and the first thing he came up with was Fred.

That was to be my nickname for 2 years till I transferred out of that squadron. I’ve got a Disneylad mug that says Fred. I rather liked the nick.

As an aside, this all happened at least 5 years before women were assigned to ships. Pete paid me the ultimate compliment saying he wouldn’t mind going to sea with me. No he wasn’t flirting - he was actually impressed with my mad electronics skillz! :smiley:

So that’s my story. Did anyone ever give you a nickname? Did you like it? Hate it? Ignore it? Please share.

I was so skinny in high school that people called me Mr. Salty. It didn’t bother me really; it’s not one of those names that came to replace my actual name. It was used occassionally. I’d hate to be known as that all the time.
Now I wish I were skinny enough to get a nickname like that. I’m not fat, but I’ll never be mistaken for a pretzel-stick man again.


“Philster” :slight_smile: Phil…the Philster…makin’ copies. Phil. Phil me up. Philster.

“Calc”: Because I could do basic math when I was a kid, and my friends thought this was magical. Like, if something was 99 cents and 6% sales tax, they were stunned when I had 1.05 ready for the cashier.

“Hammer” : Because I used to call my freinds “Hammerheads”, but they could not copy me back exactly, so they call me “Hammer”.

I guess I am not much of a nickname magnet. I played in a local band in college and had one roommate who habitually called me Rock Star. Never caught on with anyone else, though.

In the Navy I picked up several nicknames. Frenchy, Sparky & Frodo were the main ones.

The Filipinos in particular liked Frodo as did several of my gaming friends. I had a good ear for accents back then and the Filipinos liked me as among other things I would sometimes act as a translator from broken English to Southern Drawl.

Sparky was odd, there was over 100 electricians and Internal Comms guys but I was Sparky. I apparently was overly enthusiastic in the DC Lockers and Red Teams.

Frenchy was a play on my name as was the less common Jimbo. I know there was a few others, but I don’t recall them anymore.

Herman’ - my workmates in my first real job thought that was my real name because my new boss mumbled my surname (which rhymes with ‘Herman’) when introducing me. I was terribly shy and it was several weeks before anyone realised that wasn’t my name - at that point, it became my nickname.

I got “Mouse Magill” from my fraternity. My big brother was Meat Magill, his big brother was Motorhead Magill, and his big brother was Moldy Magill. Moldy may have been the first Magill. I don’t know. Except for the occasional dopefest, I hadn’t been called Mouse to my face in nearly twenty years.

However, I have been dubbed “Dr. [Magill]” five separate times so far. I had a friend in middle school who started calling me Dr. [Magill]. Then working in College Theater, someone started Doctor [Magill]. Then at my first job. Then during my brief professional theater career. Finally, someone at this job started calling me Dr. {Magill} last week.

I guess I just look like a doctor.

My little brother wore my shorts accidentally to basketball practice and they were baggy. He got “Bagg”, and I got “Bigg Bagg”.

Freshman year college, a girl was sweet on me, but I was still getting over HS sweetie, and was not reciprocating much. “Dumb Willie” was born.

“Major Bill”, well, since my name is Bill, and I was/am a Major, USMCR.

“Phone” is a good one. At a loud party a girl couldn’t hear me when I was telling her my name, so I yelled, “BILL!!! LIKE PHONE BILL!!!” just as the music stopped.

There were dozens of others that never really stuck, Sweet William, Big Bill, Billy Dee (last name starts with “D”), Screaming Marine, the list goes on.

I’ve only had one nickname. When I was a kid, my Dad had a habit of playing with the sounds of words, and somehow came up the the nickname “Scottrisimo” (for Scott). Thankfully it didn’t take hold.

Big Mac was once I endured in secondary school. Now alot of people call me BML.

“Larry Mudd,” or just"Mudd."

A local radio guy figured it worked better than my real name in relation to a wacky art project I was involved in at the time. (c. 1987) It stuck.

One I never figured out was my brother’s in high school. He was called Moose. My bro is not a big guy, not a jock, heck, he became a CPA and has worn glasses most of his life. His sports activities are pretty much limited to pickup softball, and golf. I dunno - high school boys are weird, and his friends certainly were. <shrug>

Did he use anything on his hair?

I was called Pierre, which sometimes became Lucky Pierre and often just Lucky.

Some of the girls in my department came up with one… but we won’t get into that.

Mia is the bastardized version of how my lil bro said my name, and ‘maus’ was mom’s affectionate term for me. ‘screaming mimi’, not so affectionate, I apparently could be vocal.

A couple of different people have taken to calling me sunshine, cause I must just be a ray …

Recently, I’ve acquired the nick ‘champion’. One of the guys I work with was putting a page together, and InDesign was doing something quirky, and he wanted my opinion as to what it was doing. He turns around and goes “Hey! Champion!” and apparently it’s stuck.

The closest I have come to being given a nick name is people will often call me “Big Guy.”

Hey Big Guy.

I find it odd because although I guess I’m bigger than average, there are plenty of people bigger than me.

I got the nickname Tea-cups freshman year while in college.

Early freshman year during a “get together” session between all of the guys on my floor in the dorms we decided to get some lunch. While there I was telling all of them how I am weird because I can eat a 5 course meal, go on the worlds tallest/fastest/most loopy rollercoaster ever and I am fine…

…but stick me on the teacups in Disneyworld and I will throw up any time, any day. I just can’t handle rides that go in circles.

Well guys being guys they decided that this meant I was scared of the 'cups or something, so they got the idea “Hey we’re gonna call you teacups”. I didn’t believe them, but the name stuck.

So for the next 4 years I have been known as teacups. Frankly I love the nickname, I think it’s funny, it has a good story, and throughout freshman year about half the dorm had no idea what my real name was. I’ve used it ever since.

Destroyer of Worlds

I’ll put up with Gigi and Jellybean from my mother, and Gill from everyone else. Any use of Gilligan and you will be blasted off the earth.

Yeah, I’ve probably stepped in it now… :smack:

There are a lot of mice in here! I was once dubbed ‘Mouse’ and will probably use it as a pseudonym for a certain project if it materializes.