Nicole Kidman gets an Australia Day award

She’s now a Companion in the Order of Australia, for her services as an actress and for her work for various humanitarian causes.

Wow, she really sticks out like a sore thumb on that list: services to science, wide-ranging community science, scholarship, lots of medical achievements… and then services to the performing arts.

I didn’t know that she was involved in any humanitarian causes, although I would have assumed she supported a few charities in her spare time. But to get an award for it, I would have expected something a bit more publically visible.

Still, didn’t the Seekers get Australian of the Year back in the 60s? I suppose if our artists are going to go overseas and do well for themselves, it reflects well on the rest of us, so does us a bit of a favour. But they get lots of cash and fame for their efforts, awards from our government seem a bit superfluous.