Nigel Tufnel Designed My Air Conditioner

Photographic evidence.

So, is it like, a lot colder? I mean it goes to eleven right, so that’s a lot colder than ten…

there’s a fine line…

This one goes to eleven.

Does the thing work, at least, or is it desperately trying to scrounge up jobs at county fairs these days?

Air conditioner first, THEN puppet show!

Why didn’t then make “10” a little colder? Make that the top number and make that a little colder?

I am jealous, I wish my AC would go to 11. Man than must be like so much colder.

I sometimes wonder if the hat sizes in Tufnel’s shop would go up to 11.

I heard you can’t find those units in Boston.

How do you clean/maintain that AC? Lick its love pump.

Okay, I’m gonna stop now, before this gets really ugly.

Well, then it wouldn’ go up to 11, would it?

Don’t touch it. Don’t even look at it.

Oh man, how am I ever gonna choose between LOW COOL, NORM COOL and HIGH COOL?