Nigella eats the whole thing

Watching Nigella this morning. She made a dish that included putting whole (medium), unpeeled, head-on shrimp/prawns in the oven on a bed of potatoes for ~15 minutes. So when she took the dish out of the oven, she grabbed one of the shrimp by the tail, quickly pulled off the head, and crunched down on the body- shell, legs, and all. Who else eats it all? (I like 'em peeled.)

I saw Adam Richmond from Man Vs. Food do that once. It was disgusting.

Nigella can chomp down on anything she damn well pleases. :smiley:

I eat whole shrimp. The shells don’t taste like much but they do add a nice crunch.

I frequently eat shrimp like that.

If they are small and soft (for example, sauteed), the shells are too, and the legs are tasty. If they are larger or fried then usually there is only the tail portion to deal with and I find that tasty, too.

The only time I don’t eat all of the shrimp is for large, boiled, shrimp. The shell is too thick and the legs not particularly tasty.

Were they de-veined? The few times I’ve been served shell-on shrimp they still had the veins, making them inedible. I cannot stand eating the gritty poop of whole shrimp. Gag. I could eat the shells before I could eat the poop vein.

Shrimp. Nigella. Hmm. I wanna shrimp Nigella.

LGT her recipe for “cheesy feet,” little baked snacks. Nothing NSFW.

My experience with ‘dirty’ shrimp is that if you can see the vein, then you may get gritty shrimp.

I don’t recall ever seeing a small dirty shrimp. I wonder how they are cleaned? Purged like crawfish?

There’s a sushi place here the serves deep-fried shrimp heads. They’re awesome.

Salt-and-pepper shrimp. The whole shrimps, heads and all, fried 'til the shells are crunchy. The good thing about ordering them family style is that some other diners aren’t going to want them. :smiley: I eat the heads first.

And ThelmaLou: I eat the tails on breaded-and-fried shrimp. They’re crunchy and good, and why let them go to waste?

If given the chance, I’d do that.
Whenever I get shrimp with the tails left on, I just eat the tails too. Too much work to pry them off and they taste fine, just crunchy.

Yea, pretty much what I was gonna say to a “T”. Only one thing extra to add… Be careful of the larger shrimp tails on the breaded shrimp. I ate some once and apparently didn’t quite masticate and reduce them to inert pieces, because they studded my bowlus and scratched my anus on exit. Same thing sometimes happens with sunflower seeds… can be painful, and kinda itches thereafter.

But hey, at least I’m getting my fiber, right?

Pry? Probably is too much work. Just squeeze the tail and the meat pops right out, simple and easy.

I thought this was going to be about how Nigella actually eats everything she cooks (which I have undying respect for her for). And then comes back in the middle of the night for a snack. :slight_smile:

Mmmmm… Nigella muching down on “dirty shrimp”. I’ll be in my bunk.

Well, calcium anyway.

I’m pretty sure it’s undigestable chitin… that’s why it makes for morning glory boluses.

Salt and Pepper Shrimp, from Chinese restaurants, as Johnny L.A. mentions, is served this way, and is delicious. All the flavor is on the shell. I don’t eat the heads, though - I have *some *standards!