Nigeria is off my list of travel options

They just passed a new law that states “A person who registers, operates or participates in gay clubs, societies or organizations, or directly or indirectly makes public show of same-sex amorous relationship in Nigeria commits an offense and is liable on conviction to a term of 10 years.”

Not quite as bad as Uganda with life sentences for being gay, but still rather ridiculous. But still, a group of gay people can’t even get together for a meeting without risking prison.

Trust me, you’re not missing anything. I can’t imagine why anyone would put it on their travel list in the first place. Uganda at least has some interesting parks and Mountains of the Moon and Lake Victoria and the headwaters of the Nile. Of course, they also have the Lord’s Resistance Army operating there, so there’s that.

No kidding. Nigeria is a no-no country for just about anyone. I have friends who have extremely lengthened their travel plans just to avoid even a layover in Nigeria. It’s rough.

I’ve been there. It’s certainly the least pleasant country I’ve ever visited.

I had to take a local flight once. I paid more in bribes and “tips” to get on the plane than I did for the ticket. It was tiring to be hustled almost continuously.

I had a friend who was regional, posted in Casablanca. He had to fly in and out of all those west African shitholes. At one brief layover, they had to stay on the plane while picking up a passenger. As they’re sitting there sweating in the 110 degree heat, the pilot walks down the aisle haranguing the passengers about something. My friend didn’t understand, but somebody on the plane who spoke English told him: “You must help pay for gas, or you will have to get off the plane.”

Isn’t it amazing? While so many countries are changing for the better, there are some that are going in the opposite direction. It’s almost like there has to be some sort of global equilibrium.

Gee, I’m so disappointed!
I’ve always wanted to go to Nigeria!
… just to meet all those nice people who keep sending me emails and want to share their money with me, if I’ll just give them my account number.

Meh. I am fairly certain that you are not the kind of person they visiting anyway.

I have a friend who lived there for a while, he says it’s a shithole and don’t ever go there.

They spend more on fuel subsidies than the budgets for education & healthcare combined!

The fact that they take the time to draft BS laws about which people can meet who for what, when they can’t pass laws about, y’know, not marrying off their babies or mutilating vaginas, that says it all really.

That, and that their president is called “Goodluck”. I’m just glad I live in a country where our PM’s name doesn’t have to wish me luck. He just does stuff to make life better instead. “Goodluck” - yeah, thanks. :smack:

This outrage seems to be another example of West’s homo-colonialism, where Nigerians are dictated by the West what they laws should and should not be.
Imagine Nigeria demanding that the West make polygamy legal (as it is in big parts of Nigeria)…Did you imagine it? That’s right, you didn’t, cause it’s hard to imagine…
In any case, I’ll definitely put Nigeria on my travel list.

“Homo-colonialism”. I love that.

Have a nice trip. Be sure to take lots of cash for “tips” and gas and such.

To be honest, I think this is a good sign. The losing side of history fights hardest before it dies. There is a huge gay rights movement in the region, which is very plugged in to the legal and advocacy resources in the diaspora community, and they are becoming very organized. It’s going to be an ugly battle- especially as there are deeply entrenched odd ideas about homosexuality.

For example, there is a genuine belief that there are gay sex cults that perform ritual human sacrifice. This came about because typically, only the rich could afford to practice open homosexuality. There came a belief that wealth and homosexuality were related, and in a place where wealth is elusive, the obvious explanation for any wealth is black magic. Many people genuinely and honestly believe this, and there aren’t many resources to change the ignorance. I had a young lesbian in Cameroon once confess to me that she was scared of her feelings precisely because she didn’t want to have to join an evil cult. These beliefs run deep.

And of course, politicians use that. Coming down hard on gays (who, remember, are probably murdering cultists) is always an easy win.

In time, the region will change. This is a sign that the issue is being taken seriously. Even if it’s a massive step backwards, it will open the debate that will eventually allow for more LGBT rights. Change is coming.

If you want to help, local LGBT rights groups organize in the US, and are always looking for help. PM me of you have some special skills- especially in law- and want to join the fight.

This might be my favorite new word in quite some time. Homo-hegemony will surely be significant in the homo-spice trade, though I hope it doesn’t lead to homo-opium wars.

It should come as no surprise that the anti-gay movment in Uganda and Nigeria is being fueled by American Evangelicals:

‘God Loves Uganda’: How Religion Fueled An Anti-Gay Movement

The producer/director of that documentary was on The Daily Show last night.

Homo-colonialism! I didn’t even know we were building a homo-empire! Since obviously I am not being invited to the homo-councils of state (probably because I’m bisexual, and they’re afraid I might be a spy), I’m glad we have muckrakers like burunduk34 to expose this. I am, of course, 100% on board, and look forward to perhaps obtaining a homo-colonial position in our homo-empire–perhaps get some native servants to fan their homo-sahib with palm fronds and perform other, um, duties. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, and I’m fine with polygamy in theory, at least. In practice, it tends to have issues, but generally speaking I’m fine with consenting adults adopting whatever living arrangements they so choose. So feel free to keep that going in the homo-empire.

Wait, wait… What with the Royal Navy having once ruled the world’s seas, wouldn’t we already have had a homo-colonial empire before? :stuck_out_tongue:

But yes, really, Nigeria was off my list of travel options anyway from way back.

We’re just trying to make the world safe for homocracy.

No, no it’s not. In fact, it’s the opposite. In fact, it’s the West that’s dictating the homophobia.
Are you still outraged? Or only when it doesn’t jive with some bigoted view?

The whole West? And, yes, I could and did imagine it. It didn’t blow my mind or anything. Probably because it’s a really stupid idea, concept, and something that the West has practiced before. It’s not like female genital mutilation or blocking people from the US’s constitutional right to assembly. Those would be harder concepts to see having influence over here since those ideas would be limited freedom. See the difference?

Please do.

Have you ever traveled or lived in Africa? Other than on a tour bus, I mean. If not, you have no fucking idea what you’re talking about. We’re not talking about a country’s laws in this thread; we’re talking about the crime and graft that goes on in a place like Lagos. There are countries that are peaceful and where crime is minimal. Then there are places like Nigeria, CAR, Somalia and the Congo where you risk your life (or at least your wallet) even getting off the plane. Hell, even in Pretoria, which is a major city and considered “civilized” by western standards, you don’t ever place money on the counter in a store where you are buying something, as there are roving gangs of children that can spot a tourist at a hundred yards and just wait for that sort of opportunity.