Night fever, night fever!

Oh My God!

I actually have the weirdest illness that I’ve ever heard of! No, I don’t wear white suits and strut around discos like John Travolta, well not all the time, anyway…
At exactly 12 midnight, 3 nights last week, and last night too, I’ve come over all feverish with a skyrocketing temperature, dizziness, chills, sweating, the works. But the odd thing is, well, apart from it starting at exactly the same time every night, it stops when the sun comes up! The moment I can look out of the window and see the sun, I’m as right as rain!
I reckon I’m possessed! Any of you had any oddball illnesses?
Anyone in the London area that can exorcise and does home visits? Old priests, young priests?
Or how about an online exorcism? Just get a book, bell and candle and I’ll do all the screaming, moaning and vomiting! :eek: