Night out in Edinburgh - where to go?

That’s it basically. I have to organise a stag night and have decided to make everyone trek up to bonnie Scotland. Tis will not be a raucous event, but much drinking will ensue. Any ideas? We’re looking at doing a Leo so the more info on the more pubs and clubs and eateries the better. Cheers. :slight_smile:

Glasgow :wink:

Agree 100%, the nightlife’s much better in Glasgow.

Mind you I’m just thankful you’re not having it in Dublin (nothing personal :))

Fun? Wasn’t it pretty much conceded in most historical overviews of western civilization that the main reason for the existence of Scotland was to provide a bleak and harsh environment, thin in sensual pleasures, for concentrating the mind to greater things which is why there are lots of Scottish engineers and scientists but few Scottish cooks or musicians of note.

Why not vist some Scottish steam engineering museums instead? You’ll be sad you did.

How about MPSIMS?

I’m not overly familiar with the area, but i did go on a short break there last year - the only recommendation i would make is to stick to the Royal Mile side of town - the other side’s a bit new and rubbish. Plus there’s a lot more pubs on the Royal Mile side - many of which are open to astonishing hours of the morning (or open for the morning at 4am… what are they thinking?).

I live in Edinburgh and personally, if I want to have a good time, I go through to Glasgow. If you’re determined to come to Edinburgh, try Whistlebinkies for loud music, or Frankenstein’s for a bizarre recreation of the vivation of the Monster, or Edwards for the blandest club in Scotland. There’s politically incorrect strip clubs on the far end of Leith Walk, since it’s for a stag night. But really, go to Glasgow - the drink’s cheaper, it’s more fun and the people are much friendlier - or at least, much less likely to attack you and kill you.