How about a Scotland dopefest?

Just had this idea in my head last night. We’ve done London, we’ve done Dublin (we’re always doing Dublin :)), but Scotland remains virgin territory for Dopefests AFAIK. Would anyone be interested, at some point in the next couple months?

ruadh I love the way you make a dopefest sound like a troop (wrong collective noun, never mind) of marauding Vikings! I’m in Glasgow, I think Nimue is in Aberdeen, and there is at least one poster in Edinburgh, although I can’t think who at the moment.

Ah, it just occurred to me to check the time of your post. Anyone who comes up with bright ideas at 07.37 could be positively alarming. :slight_smile:

Me, I haven’t had enough coffee yet, but it sounds like a pretty good idea.

Hmmm - realised after posting that that was post no. 666. Hmmm again.

I’d be interested, I’m just outside Perth.

Did anyone say “marauding vikings” ? Scotland is friggin’ awesome - I for one might be persuaded, and quite easily too.

S. Norman

:smiley: <~~~~ Puts on best winning smile to persuade Spiny Norman Is it working?? :wink:

Depending on when, I might be able to make it.

The newbie is up for it. I’m in Edinburgh.

I’ll be there next Christmas visiting me mum in Skye! Can you wait till then? :slight_smile:

Ooh, Scotland!

I could manage to get to Scotland fairly easily. I think I’m just about ready for my first Dopefest.

Where are you {b]Tansu**? And mattk?

I’m in London, celyn, but I know Edinburgh quite well as I went to university there (and I know nicko too).

I’m in Cumbria.

If we have it in Glasgow or some place easily accessible to Glasgow (“easily accessible” meaning I could get there by train from Glasgow on a Saturday evening, if necessary), I can pretty much make it any weekend between now and the end of May. Paddy’s Day excluded, of course.

I am going to be in Scotland for a vacation in April or May (and in London as well, FWIW). Exact dates TBD. Are American Dopers invited?

I am going to be in Scotland with my sister for a vacation in April or May (and in London as well, FWIW). Exact dates TBD. Are American Dopers invited?

I’d be up for it. I’m in Surrey, but getting to Edinburgh or Glasgow is easy. And porcupine, since ruadh and myself are both American, there’s no way you and your sister could be excluded.

This idea has potential. Does anyone have any preference for location? I vote for Lerwick. Anyone want a lift?

Just talked to the sis, and the trip is on for mid to late May. Though exact dates have to be booked, it looks very likely we’ll be in Scotland the weekend of May 19th (and likely London the prior weekend). I have not told her we are going to meet a bunch of Dopers, yet, though… But how could she possibly object to getting drunk with a bunch of EuroDopers in a pub?

Spiny, I hope we can find out if hedgehogs and porcupines get along.

I’ll be in Greece on holiday by the 19th May…but I’ll be around for a London “warm-up” dopefest the weekend before, if anyone’s interested.