Scottish DopeFest?

Over in this thread it looks like we’ve got quite a few Dopers in Scotland - Jeneva, JessMagic, PaulParkhead, myself, etc.

Does anyone fancy a meetup, maybe in Glasgow, sometime? Or Edinburgh, if it’s easier for everyone to converge on?

(thought I’d better stop hijacking the other thread with Scot-talk and take it elsewhere before someone complained!) :slight_smile:


I’m English but married to a Scot and lived in Colinton, West Edinburgh, now for five years.

Into hill walking and, bizzarly, following Ayr United FC (yes - home games are further away than most away game!) due to the Mrs being a fanatical fan. But settling in nicely, thank you.

Let’s see where this goes…

I could be up for it, especially if it’s in Edinburgh!
Have to be an evening, or possibly a Sunday.

I’m in Singapore most of the time, only in Aberdeen for two week spells occasionally. So I’m a very tentative “maybe”!

Are you named after the wonderful Eoin?

Blimey - I never expected anyone on this board to recognise it…

After every game in which he scored, the Aberdeen Green Final would invariably use “Jess Magic!” as their headline. It became a bit of a running joke between me and a pal.

Hell, I’d be there. I would need a years lead in time though.

A maybe in Glasgow…

Well after the Zombie movie is done though…:smack:

Make that two folk that recognized it, always nice to see another Dandy kicking about the Dope, even if I haven’t posted in about 5 years.

Never thought i’d see the legendary Green Final get a mention on here. Ace!

Ah, yes, takes me back to when we went top on the second last week of the 90/91 season. I bought the GF to celebrate but then left it on the floor of my room in Castle St for the following week as I thought picking it up would jinx the last game. Didn’t help, as you no doubt remember.

Three…:slight_smile: Well, it was either Eoin, or Postman Pat’s cat.

Indeed I do, I think my sweet, innocent childhood died that day.

Mark Hately, fit a radge. :mad:

Still, at least it didn’t mark the beginning of a 20 year decline.

Anyway, a dopefest, aye count me in, if very occasional posters are invited.

Count me in. Edinburgh preferred, but don’t mind a wee train ride through to Glasgow.

Please limit the football talk today though. I’m still looking forward to my trip to White Hart Lane next week, honest…

Glasgow would definitely be easier for me and Parkhead, but Edinburgh’s not undoable. :wink:

Another one here who recognised the Eoin Jess reference, heh.

As Jeneva said, we’re closer to Glasgadelphia* than Edinburgh but it’s only an hour or so on the train, so either would be fine. Or maybe we should split the difference and have the Dopefest in Shotts :stuck_out_tongue: Or Harthill Service Station.

*Has anyone seen it? It’s uncanny, it really is.

Last night just wasn’t bad enough, right?

At least it didn’t. Crikey, imagine we’d been playing Spurs last night! Or if we played Real Madrid now…

Why do you hate your fellow Dopers so much? Isn’t Harthill one of the known Hellmouths?

Not yet, I’m hoping to make it in to town next week to have a nosey! I’m not greedy, I don’t want to meet Brad. Just one of his four lookalikes/stunt doubles would do me :slight_smile:

Just some photies, but from that it is pretty amazing what the film company have done. :cool:

Well, I admit Harthill Services isn’t my ideal Dopefest location, but at least we’d be sharing the pain. And it probably has a puggie.

Oh, OK then, we can go with Embra. But it would need to be somewhere easy to find, as I’m a Weegie type and my normally excellent sense of direction vanishes as soon as I pass Bathgate.