UK Dopers

Just out of curiosity, how many of you out there come from Britain? Specifically, from SW England/Somerset.

I’m from the NW, Manchester. Nothing but farmer in the SW;)
There’s loads of other Brits here, but if I tried to name them, I’d be sure to get one wrong and feel stupid and ignorant. Well, more stupid and ignorant than I do now that is…

I’m from Manchester too, but currently at Uni in Edinburgh (hence my sig).

Going home tomorrow though.

::sits back & smiles at thought of warm house, home-cooked food etc::

Before you ask, yes, that’s the sig that I forgot to put in.

Well, I’m living in the UK, but I’m a Yank, does that count? I’m living on the Surrey/Hampshire border.

There is yours truly,


MadHun not been seen for some time though.

I think that Duke is a US type person over here studying at somewhere like Oxford - ie one smart cookie.
Another is Matt but cant remember the last letter its either MattK or MattMCL but if you use the search facility you should be able to look up the profile.

You’ll soon find us out if you stick around.

matt = UK
mattk = UK
matt_mcl = Canadian
mattw = Dunno (only seen him twice)

I think we need some new names around here.

I’m American but my bf (who has yet to be introduced to these boards) lives in York, which means I spend as much time over there as I can afford to (not much).

UK here too.

I live in Halifax, in the north.

I did not realise how many UK dopers there were. Has anyone thought about organising a Dopefest or three over here?


Yep, UK. Originally Essex, then Surrey, then Hampshire, then Edinburgh Uni too, then Australia, now London.

There’s been several here in Dublin, but the London one never came off. Anyone want to start thinking about it again?

I’m originally from Devon, but I live in Cumbria.

If the great powers above and the headmaster of the school I applied for are fine with it, I ll be moving to East Anglia in June… so wait with the dopefest :smiley:

My boyfriend is British… but he aint a Doper


Yep,UK here. I’m in Leicestershire but I will be moving next year when I go to uni ( I have offers now - people actually want me) or I could be moving to London for six months if I get my placement with Deutsche Bank that I applied for. I’m keeping me fingers crossed. So next year I could be in Bath, Sheffield, York (maybe not with the flooding), Leeds, Edinburgh or London.
A Dopefest would be fun … count me in if I’m not working.

I used to live in England, but I’m not born and bread (my father used to live there when I was a kid, so it was my second home).

My locations have included the Devon seaside, London and Kent.

I’ve had a rough time in England, but it’ll always have a special place in my heart. I was going to college there untill my father fucked it all up by being a smallminded jerk, but that’s another story/hijack :wink:

It’s cool to see so many Brits here, americans tend to overwhelm forums with their numbers :slight_smile:

— G. Raven

p.s. no offence to the Yanks of course…

Where in Devon did you live? I’m from Kingsbridge.

I’m living in Hemel Hempstead, near London (and have lived in North Wales, Sutton Coldfield & Cheltenham…my mother is now living in Devon, so I might be able to meet SW dopers over Xmas…), but I had a 2 person dopefest in London with Anthracite while she was over on business! :smiley:
I’d be interested in a London dopefest, but don’t know London very well, so someone else would have to organise it. There is also an Amsterdam dopefest :wink: planned for next Feb - search MPSIMS for Tater’s thread on this if you are interested.

<huge blush>

I can’t be that smart, having come to Oxford for five years studying 16th-century British history to become a database administrator. Oh well, you can’t win 'em all.

Actually, as my sig alludes to, I’m going to be leaving the UK in (four) days. Don’t know when I’ll be back…hopefully in a few months for my dissertation exam. (Can you believe the timing–going back to the US only two weeks after Shrub is confirmed as Chief Panjandarum?)

I’m from Manchester too, but stranded in London for the last 8 and (probably) the next 80 years.

I didn’t know there were so many of us.

UK lad here.

I live just outside London (Slough) it sucks but i go to Southampton next year. (hooray!)

A born and bred Londoner here, living in Richmond and working in Holborn. Would definitely be up for a Dopefest next year, assuming I understand what a Dopefest is. (A collection of exceptionally well-informed, strangely attractive people drinking themselves silly, right?) :wink: