London dope?

Would anyone be interested in a London dope meet over the next few weeks? I’d be happy to arrange a venue if anyone responds to this…

I would be, been dying to get back to London. As long as it’s on a Friday or Saturday night.

Well, the next few weeks, there’s this little footy tournament going on in my country of residence. Otherwise, I am usually in London every two or three weeks, since my girlfriend lives there. I’d be more than happy to attend a LondonDope fest someday!

Sounds good to me. I’ll see who else responds!

I’m new here.

But would it involve drunkenness and debauchery?

This is London, UK, right?

Drunkenness and debauchery to order, no doubt!

At DublinDope we voted Coldfire the doper we all most want to meet (well we didn’t exactly take a vote but I think that was pretty much the general idea) so let’s have it after the tourney ends.

But not the weekend immediately following it, 'cause there’s a friendly here in Dublin involving a certain Glasgow team and I’m not going anywhere :slight_smile:

July 14 or 15 maybe?

Fine with me, especially if this job working with the England team in Brussels comes true! I can’t make June at all, or the weekend of July 15, but should be okay any other time.

What job, did I miss something?

How bout July 21 or 22?

Thread down below…a mate rang me this evening and said his mate, who’s a sports agent for several of the England players, desperately needs help over in Brussels. Flights, expenses, meals paid, plus tickets to all England’s games.

I’d love it if it was true, but it’s now 11:07pm and I haven’t had a ring-back yet, so who knows? Fingers crossed…

I plan my London weekends without too much notice, so saying “Yes” now is impossible. But it is certainly a possibility!

Ruadh, after how many pints of Guinness did you guys decide I was the poster you most wanted to meet??

Good luck Matt! (for your job, not for your country … nothing personal :))

Coldy, I think it was actually during the first round we discussed this.

I hope the sentiment remains the same after we beat your Limey arses in the Euro 2000 Finals :smiley:

None of us are Limeys !!!

I’m sorry, Coldy, I couldn’t hear you over the noise of Bergkamp blubbing as Rijkaard tried to get him on a plane…

And in the spirit of friendly competition…take a look here.
PS I’m not one of those Fat Les-liking, jingoistic, “hey-wouldn’t-it-be-a-good-idea-to-start-a-riot” England scum. But football is football, after all!

Two Yank’s and two Paddy’s and it was at the beginning of the night .

I’d been in a pub before so maybe I was under the anfluence of ilcohol :wink:

To keep things simple, ANYONE who is a natural speaker of the English language is an arch enemy of me for the next four weeks :wink:
My question is: does this cover Americans, or doesn’t it?

Mattk, check out the Dutch team line-up at the bottom of that link… something is seriously wrong with that database!

Coldy - I did wonder why the Swiss team were there.

Sigh. After living here for nine months, this is my last night/morning in England, and now you bring up a London meeting?

BTW, does anyone know if there’s an Ohio dope squad? I’ll be spending a month there in August…

and I reside in a sleepy little university city in southwestern Ontario, Canada, named London.

I am so depressed.